Sunday, 6th June 2021
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PHIL COLLEN On DEF LEPPARD's THE STADIUM TOUR Postponement/More Tour Dates In 2022

Def Leppard 2021. Def Leppard 2021

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed and mentioned The Stadium Tour 2022.

Phil spoke to the Jeremy White podcast.

Phil talked about The Stadium Tour being postponed to 2022, Motley Crue and more touring in 2022 after the stadium shows.

The full interview video is due to be published on 8th June.

The Stadium Tour 2022/Postponement

Phil said he understood the postponement as they would have had to play to quarter full stadiums if the tour had gone ahead in 2021.

More 2022 Tour Dates

Phil suggested the touring in 2022 would be expanded after the stadium tour is complete and extend to other countries echoing what Joe said in 2019, that the tour would be extended into 2020 and play other countries.

The Stadium Tour 2021 shows were postponed/rescheduled on 14th May and will now kick off in Atlanta, GA on 16th June 2022.

View the full interview clip below.

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Def Leppard 2021.

Jeremy White Podcast - Phil Collen 5th June 2021 Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Are you disappointed that The Stadium Tour's been pushed to next summer?

"Not in the context of...I wouldn't wanna go out there and play to, you know, a quarter of a stadium."

"And if we went out now that's what that would actually mean. It's like because it's not ready yet."

"It's not fully back and some places are not even allowing it 100 percent yet either even with the sports stuff."

"So yeah you wanna do it. You wanna knock it out the ballpark. Excuse the pun. But when it comes, when it comes up you wanna do it properly."

"So no in that respect I'm."

You guys had some tour dates set for the Fall I think with ZZ Top and a couple of different things. Is that stuff still gonna happen or is Def Leppard just gonna take another year off?

"Well that was last Fall. That was 2020. That's kind of...everything got moved. So I think what we'll do. We'll do the dates next year that...the summer ones and then just keep adding and you know as the world opens up."

"You know it's like it'll be great to come up to Canada. Go down to South America. Do Australia, Japan you know. And just keep going...Europe. And as it becomes kind of available."

"So that's the thing really."

And do it properly. Talking about Motley Crue you said back in the day you got up on stage with them and you know Vince Neil was doing a couple of shows over the weekend and just getting hammered online. Did you see any of those videos?

"Yeah yeah I heard about it yeah. Hey look, he's got a year so to get back - there's a lot at stake when you go out there. You wanna, you wanna be your best. So hopefully we'll all working out together and all that stuff."

"That's the other thing we do have a camaraderie. Especially with Motley Crue. And yeah I hope we'll get on... with Nikki we were talking just before the tour."

"It's like we're gonna work out together, we're gonna do all this stuff. You know it's the whole."

"One of the things I learnt from touring with KISS. They really go 100 percent about the show. And every aspect of the show. Different bands touring together. Our crews would be working together on the KISS tour."

"So the show would look great. And I do feel a thing with that, you know, if the shows even better. Then it's even better for all of us. It's like, you know, you want that to happen."

"So yeah with Vince I'm thinking, you know, he's got a year to go. You know hopefully everything's cool by then. You know I hope so. Fingers crossed."

I hope so too 'cause I just wanna go and have an awesome time. And I'll have an awesome time regardless

"Well I probably go on stage with them as well at some point."

That'd be awesome the guy from Girl singing Girls, Girls, Girls

"There you go."

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