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Details of all the members of Def Leppard and which tours/releases they have played on.
From the initial four man line-up in 1977 to the present day.

current line-up 1992 - 2020

Joe Elliott Lead Vocals
def leppard band member

Joe Elliott (Lead Vocals)

Lead singer since November 1977.

Rick 'Sav' Savage Bass
def leppard band member

Rick 'Sav' Savage (Bass)

Bass Guitar since November 1977.

Rick Allen Drums
def leppard band member

Rick Allen (Drums)

Drums since November 1978.

Phil Collen Guitars
def leppard band member

Phil Collen (Guitars)

Guitars since July 1982.

Vivian Campbell Guitars
def leppard band member

Vivian Campbell (Guitars)

Guitars since April 1992.

Joe Elliott (2018)

"You see this has never been a business plan. We're not contracted to each other.
We were five guys that got together and said do you wanna, for a laugh, put a band together.
We were always just mates first and musicians second."

def leppard / past members

Steve Clark Guitars
def leppard band member

Steve Clark R.I.P. (Guitars)

Guitars from January 1978 to January 1991.

Pete Willis Guitars
def leppard band member

Pete Willis (Guitars)

Guitars from November 1977 to July 1982.

Tony Kenning Drums
def leppard band member

Tony Kenning (Drums)

Drums from November 1977 to November 1978.

def leppard / guest musicians

Frank Noon Drums
def leppard guest

Frank Noon (Drums)

Studio Drums in November 1978.

Jeff Rich Drums
def leppard guest

Jeff Rich (Drums)

Live Back-Up Drums in August 1986.

Steve Brown Guitars
def leppard guest

Steve Brown (Guitars)

Live Guitars Sep-Nov 2014, June 2015 and May 2018.


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