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Information about the Def Leppard Tour History website which has been online since May 2001.
Originally hosted on Angelfire until 2004 when deflepparduk.com was started.

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An unofficial Def Leppard Tour History fan site online since May 2001 and based in the UK - the birthplace of Def Leppard. This site concentrates on the bands live concert history and features an up to date daily Def Leppard News section. As well as a Discography, Band History, Band Member Information, Interviews and details of all Television/Radio appearances.

Home to the Def Leppard Tour History - an original listing of Def Leppard tour information. The largest and most comprehensive collection of its kind ever published. It features all known tour dates/setlists with fan/media reviews, show info plus concert photos submitted/compiled by hundreds of fellow fans. Feel free to contribute and share your reviews/photos with others.

This site is updated by Darren/DefDazz, an English Def Leppard fan who has enjoyed their music and live shows since 1987 and thinks that the Hysteria album is a masterpiece. The site also includes coverage of Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz, Delta Deep, Last In Line, Manraze, Riverdogs and other band member side projects.

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DefLeppardLuvr (USA) - "This is the best Def Leppard website I have ever come across. Thank you for putting so much hard work and effort into this site."

Amy (USA) - "The Tour History pages are second to none, offering a unique glimpse into the long history of the Leps from Day One through present day."

Disclaimer - This site is updated independently by a fan with the help of other fans and not officially related to the band members themselves.

For official band announcements and contact info visit - defleppard.com


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