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Def Leppard Band Member / Steve Clark

guitars from 1978-1991

A section for Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark with details of all releases and tours played on and personal information.

Def Leppard Steve Clark.

Steve Clark 1978 to 1991

  • Instrument - Guitars/Backing Vocals.
  • Joined Band - 29th January 1978.
Main Information
  • Full Name - Stephen Maynard Clark.
  • Birth Date - Saturday, 23rd April 1960.
  • Birth Location - Nether Edge Hospital in Sheffield, England.
  • Joined Band - 29th January 1978
  • Death Date - Tuesday 8th January 1991.
  • Death Location - A Flat on Old Church Street in (Chelsea) London, England.
  • Funeral Date - Thursday 17th January 1991.
  • Grave Site - Wisewood Cemetery, Loxley Valley, Sheffield, England.
  • Nicknames - Steamin'.
  • Previous Bands - Electric Chicken (a local band in Sheffield).
  • Lived In - Sheffield/Dublin/Paris/Holland/London.
  • Father - Barrie Clark.
  • Mother - Beryl Clark (formerly Beckingham).
  • Younger Brother - Chris Clark.
  • Younger Brother - Kevin Clark.
  • Girlfriend/Ex-Fiance - Lorelei Shellist.
  • Girlfriend - Janie Dean (w/ Steve at time of death) - now deceased.
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steve clark / band member info

Steve was born in Sheffield, England and grew up in Hillsborough, a suburb in the north-west of the city.
He was influenced to play music by his parents record collection and got his first guitar aged 11.
He got the guitar in exchange for taking classical lessons for a year.
He began playing in local bands including 'Electric Chicken' and played his first show in a scout hut.
In July 1972 he was featured in the local press when taking part in a folk dance festival.
Steve later met Pete Willis in the library of Stannington College and was asked to audition for Def Leppard.
He auditioned for the band in January 1978 and impressed them by playing Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Freebird'.

Death (8th January 1991)

Steve unfortunately passed away in his sleep at his flat on Old Church Street in Chelsea after a long battle with alcoholism.
Whilst on a six month leave of absence from the band to get help for his alcohol problems.
He had been drinking the night before at a pub across the road from his flat called The Front Page (now The Pig's Ear).

Official Cause Of Death

"respiratory failure due to a compression of the Brain stem, resulting from excess quantities of alcohol mixed with anti-depressants and pain killers."
The death was recorded as an accident with no suicidal intent involved. Steve had been taking prescribed painkillers at the time for cracked ribs.


Given the nickname Steamin' and well known for his energetic live performances. Known for using mostly Gibson Les Paul guitars on stage and wearing all white. This inspired the title of the song 'White Lightning'.

Steve Clark (1988)

"I like playing live the most and also creating the songs is good sometimes. I don't mind being in the studio if it's a short period of time.
But four years is taking it a little bit far. So you sort of go a bit crazy. But the reason we formed Def Leppard was to be a good live group.
And to make records but always to be a live group. We never wanted just to release records and not to tour. We always enjoy being on tour the most."

Steve Clark (1989)

"I consider it a gift every time I get up onstage and play. I think that's when I'm at my happiest."

Rick Allen (2001)

"I think he hated being in the studio but he did bring in a lot of ideas that will just live on you know.
Wonderful, wonderful person (but) certain family situations just led him into a place that was just really dark.
I think a part of him didn't wanna be here. But he brought something very special to this band.
Something that will never really be revisited but will always be part of the foundation of Def Leppard."

Phil Collen (2017)

""He was the most charming, lovely, shy. He was kinda shy like you'd see him on stage and he was the opposite of that, he'd be running around.
Les Paul right down by his knees and all of that. But he was like really a sweet emotional guy. Really lovely and gentle.
He was a gentle soul and it got him."

steve clark / releases featured on

tours played on

  • All tours from 1978 to 1988.

releases featured on

  • All albums until Hysteria (1987)
  • All singles until Rocket (1989)

instruments played

  • Electric Guitar.
  • Acoustic Guitar.
  • Backing Vocals.

other bands/projects

  • Mink DeVille - 'Italian Shoes' Single 1985 (Backing Vocals).

steve clark / latest news

Def Leppard News
8th January 2021

DEF LEPPARD Guitarist STEVE CLARK Died 30 Years Ago Today In London

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Steamin' Clark passed away 30 years ago on this day in 1991 in London, England.

Def Leppard News
23rd april 2020

DEF LEPPARD Guitarist STEVE CLARK Born On This Day In 1960

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark was born on this day in 1960 in Sheffield, England and would have turned 60 today.

Def Leppard News
20th january 2020

42 Years Ago Guitarist STEVE CLARK Joins DEF LEPPARD In Sheffield

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark joined the band 42 years ago today at a rehearsal in Sheffield, England.

steve clark / tours played on

Hysteria 1986 / 1987 / 1988
Def Leppard Tour - 1986 / 1987 / 1988

Hysteria Tour

241 Shows played from August 1986 to October 1988.

Pyromania 1983/1984
Def Leppard Tour - 1983 / 1984

Pyromania Tour

186 Shows played from February 1983 to February 1984.

High 'n' Dry 1981
Def Leppard Tour / 1981

High 'n' Dry Tour

137 Shows played from June to December.

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