Friday, 16th August 2019
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Def Leppard 2019. Screenshot

Def Leppard members Phil Collen and Rick Allen have been interviewed in Las Vegas after the opening night of the Sin City Residency.

Phil and Rick spoke to Julie's Rock Block for KTNV TV in Las Vegas.

Phil and Rick talked about the opening night of the Sin City Residency, rare songs/setlist, band staying together and their time off in Las Vegas.

They reflected on the opening night of the residency and the amazing stage production.

Watch the full 6 minute interview video below.

Follow Live Updates from the second of 12 shows on the Sin City Residency later tonight with the band on stage from 8pm PDT.

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Julie's Rock Block -Phil Collen/Rick Allen Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

2019 Sin City Residency Opening Night

Phil - "I was exhausted, I nap before we went on, absolutely. I usually do anyway but yeah no it's longer than we normally play. Yeah we had all these extra songs we were rehearsing and planning. So yeah that was a lot. It was great though."

"No it's all gonna be like that. But when we realised we was gonna do a residency we wanted it to look very different from a tour. We've been, we're always on tour and we wanted it to be a production. The lights, the lasers, the songs. Just a different vibe completely. And when you do this it's a lot more theatrical than say running around in a stadium or a sports arena. That's very rock an droll and all that but this is different. So we actually wanted it to be ."

Lighting Show

Phil - "Thank you. Kenji our Japanese lighting designer who's been with us for like 20 years. Me and Joe done a club tour in Japan and he done the lighting and we went oh my god this looks like a stadium, this is crazy. So he's been with us ever since. He's amazing."

Rick - "I can speak for our entire crew just what they've done to create this look and just how dimensional this whole thing is. This is really special. I'm not sure anybody could get to see something like this outside of say a venue like this."

Phil - "It's a real team thing like Rick said. It's our crew, production, arrangement. The band It's been so great. And I think 'cause everyone wants it to be better. Everyone and it's such a team so we're kind of proud of that."

Rare Songs In Setlist

Phil - "Yeah like we were rehearsing these acoustic songs. We actually wanted to do a proper acoustic set, you know, with produced acoustic songs as opposed to sitting around a camp fire type vibe. So while we was in Canada we were rehearsing on the days off. We'd be in there like four hours sometimes just sitting around getting the arrangements right. So again just very speical and something that we don't normally do. So that was really cool."

Phil - "It did seem seamless unlike the day before. We were like oh my god are we gonna be able to pull this off. So yeah it actually works and now we've got that under our belt I think it's gnna get even better."

Band Staying Together

Phil - "I think it's strength if anything."

Rick - "I think it's those times when terrible things happen were you pull together. And Phil said this earlier about, it's a value system we got from our parents also you know. They grew up in sort of in England you know. They went through the Second World War. So, you know, when terrible things were happening back then they all pulled together. And we just kind of, you know, we got that same value system."

Phil - "We inherited it from them. It was actually something they, it was in their DNA and they kind of passed it down to us. And we didn't really notice that until later on. You know you see some band throwing a tantrum because of's like really?. It's nothing."

Def Leppard 2019.

Def Leppard 2019 The Sin City Residency

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