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DEF LEPPARD Rehearse BILLY'S GOT A GUN And Other Rarities For VEGAS Residency

Def Leppard 2018. Def Leppard 2019

Def Leppard have rehearsed rare Pyromania track Billy's Got A Gun and other rarely played songs ahead of the second Las Vegas residency.

Fans attending various shows in Canada have reported a few rarely played songs have been rehearsed by the band during soundchecks.

These include 'Billy's Got A Gun' from the 'Pyromania' album.

A song played only a handful of times since September 1987 and not since November 2002 on the X/Ten tour in Japan.

Others songs heard include 'Now' (also unplayed since that tour) and the more recently played 'Paper Sun' and 'Slang'.

Vivian spoke about the possibility of rare songs in a recent interview.

The Sin City Residency was announced on 13th February with 12 shows to be played in Las Vegas in August and September.

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Def Leppard 2019 The Sin City Residency

  • Billy's Got A Gun

Last played in Tokyo, Japan on 26th November 2002.

It was also played at least three times in 1996 during the Slang tour and then in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 1997 during a club show.

And before this after the 'Pyromania' tour ended in 1984 it was only played a handful of times from June to September 1987 in Holland and UK/Ireland on the main Hysteria tour and warm-up shows.

  • Paper Sun

A song brought back for the first time since 2000 during the 2015 world tour and last played on 9th November 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Now

Last played in Moscow, Russia on 24th November 2003 during the final show of the X/Ten world tour.

  • Slang

Last played during the VIVA! Hysteria residency on 12th April 2013.

The Thunder Underground Podcast - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

2019 Sin City Las Vegas Residency

"This time out we, to be honest we're just about to start our stadium run of shows this weekend and we have a couple of days to set up there. I know we're leaving a little bit to the last minute. But that's actually the next couple of weeks is when we're gonna decide on what the, what this next Vegas residency is actually gonna entail."

"So it's gonna be a very busy couple of weeks for us. We're gonna have to do a lot of homework. You know on days off and stuff and go in an practice and kind of work on a few tunes. There's a bit of a short list flying around. I can tell you there's quite a few songs on there that we haven't played in many many many years. So everyone has been given their homework. Put it that way."

"We've actually been really busy. We just flew in. We played in Barcelona night before last and flew in to the States yesterday. I'm currently in Boston. So I've got my guitar with me and I've got an email with a bunch of songs. It's not really time off but sure it's all good."

Rare Song Discussions

"Yeah we do we have discussions. Joe is and has always been, you know, the heart of the band and Joe really thinks these things through and he always has great suggestions about what we should be playing and why we should be playing them you know."

"I mean it's one thing for any of us to think of a song from an earlier album and say oh let's play that. But you know it's easier said than done you know. Joe usually manages to have a clear cut logical reason for playing a particular song. And then that makes a lot of sense. He always tries to think of it as a show. And that's why he's the lead singer you know. He has that thought process where he kind of thinks it through, you know, 'cause he knows that he's gonna be the guy singing it and gonna be the guy talking in between and it has to make sense to him. You know if it makes sense to him it'll make sense to the rest of the rest of us."

Def Leppard 2019.

Def Leppard 2019 The Sin City Residency

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