Tuesday, 6th August 2019
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD Have Busy 2020 World Tour/Album Plans

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Las Vegas radio and spoke about 2020 tour and album plans.

Phil spoke to the Music Mania Podcast.

The interview was conducted on 25th July on the phone from Winnipeg, Canada.

Phil talked about the Canadian tour, current tour/RRHOF Induction, current success, 2019 Las Vegas Residency, Staying In Las Vegas, 2020 tour and album plans, Tesla, RRHOF, Outside Projects/G3 Tour and solo album plans.

He mentions the plans to finish the next album in 2020 along with very busy world tour plans.

Later he also repeats his plans for a solo album featuring some of the new Delta Deep songs due to time constraints.

Some of the songs being rehearsed were recently revealed to include 'Billy's Got A Gun', 'Paper Sun' and the never before played 'We Belong'.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

Phil's part starts at 5:34 and lasts until 17:43 mins.

The Sin City Residency was announced on 13th February with 12 shows to be played in Las Vegas in August and September.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Def Leppard 2019.

Music Mania Podcast - Phil Collen Interview Quotes (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

2019 Canadian Tour

"The Canadian tour's been incredible. The audience's have been ridiculous. So yeah we're having a blast."

Current Tour/RRHOF Induction

"Well you go where you're really needed and I think for the last year or so it' been really crazy for us. And there's been such a demand especially in America. And then we went to the UK which was, they're really loving us over there for some reason at the moment which is great. You know obviously we're from there. ."

"So yeah it's been fascinating the whole thing has blown us away. We're like wow, where's this all coming from?. So yeah I mean you've gotta go work at it. You've gotta really, you know, when it shows up you've gotta really take advantage of it. And there's been so much love lately. Everything from like the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to the Journey tour. It was out first stadium tour per se. And yeah everything about it has just been incredible."

2019 Las Vegas Residency

"Yeah it's actually weird, you know, last time we played you'd bump into fans and they'd go oh we travelled from Singapore or Chile or Europe. It was really weird. So that part of it. You know you stay there and they come to you. But it's a little different 'cause you know you're not in a giant arena or stadium or something. You're in a more kind of controlled environment. That's why people like playing Vegas. You know it's like Cirque du Soleil and all of those things you can really control your own environment. You know with the darkness and the amount of lights and stuff you put in. So production's really important and it just feel different. It actually feels more theatrical than actually going out on, you know, a festival or a stadium stage. It's kind of a very different type of vibe. So I love all the above so it's great for us. You know it kind of changes it up. If it was just the same all the time it would. It may get boring but it's not getting borim with us. And everyone's living us so that's pretty cool."

Recording New Songs/Las Vegas Rehearsals

"And I record. I record stuff in my room. We're actually. I just suggested to everyone, we're gonna have a little rehearsal tomorrow. 'Cause we keep putting all these new songs together and we're running out of time. You know we wanna put a lot of different songs in for Vegas. So yeah we're having to do stuff like that but it's fun. You know we actually get the acoustics in a room and just blast away. We've been trying different songs in soundcheck."

"So yeah it keeps it moving and we're writing new songs as well for the new record. So that's already started you know. So it's just a matter of when we finish it is the big kind of day really. But yeah the rest of the stuff we've actually just got going and it's all very exciting and fun I gotta say."

2020 Album/Tour Plans

"The future's looking like crazy super busy before we even go into next year. They've already started requesting dates for next year. All round the world so we're gonna have to - it's getting so busy for us. Like I said it's amazing. I'm not complaining by a long shot. I've wanted this to happen for years and it's kind of finally happening. You know on that kind of scale."

"So yeah we love that and I think we just gonna do the music and put the stuff together in between. The band Tesla I produced their album. Their last album and we recorded it on tour 'cause we were on tour together. So we, you know, a tour bus or a backstage room and literally it would be like some days you'd have 20 minutes or three hours and it would vary. And you'd get so much. We done all the guitars like that and then at the end we done like lead vocals and drums in a studio. Literally like a day, you know, day of drums, day of vocals or some at night. That kind of stuff."

"So it really worked out well. I think if we do a version of that on the new Def Leppard album I think we'll be good to go. You know it's like a little bit here and a little bit there and before you know it you're constantly writing and constantly being inspired you know."

Solo Album Plans

"I've got so many different songs. We've kind of half got a Delta Deep album. But I think what we may do 'cause like I said I'm so busy I'm not gonna be able to do that for now. So I may actually end up doing a solo album at some point and use those songs on there as well."

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