Saturday, 13th January 2018
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Def Leppard 2017. Screenshot

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was recently interviewed in New York and gave an update on the 2018 tour.

He was speaking to the Rock Titan website ahead of his two art shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Rick talked about his art events, history of painting/artwork, creating art pieces, Def Leppard tour with Journey, artwork inspiration, working with veterans, dealing with PTSD, his legacy, Steve Clark painting/Legends series and how to buy his art.

He was asked about the 2018 tour and said that Journey will not be touring with Def Leppard in 2018.

Previous news about Journey has only come from their bass player Ross Valory and more recently an interview with guitarist Neal Schon - who didn't actually mention Def Leppard himself.

Watch the full 19 minute video interview below.

Rick last spoke of the 2018 tour in December 2017 and also said he expected the dates to be announced very soon.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Rock Titan - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Def Leppard 2018 Tour/Next Album Cover by Rick

"Yeah I know. I don't think that tour's gonna happen. You know but it's something that's been talked about but I'm not sure anything has ever been finalised. But I hope that, you know, we'll get to hear something in the not too distant future."

Steve Clark Painting/Legends Series

"Well as you know the last couple of three years we've lost a lot of - it seems as though we've lost a lot of incredible musicians. And I thought what better way to celebrate some of the people that we've lost and start with somebody that I dearly loved and that was Steve Clark of course. And I was working through the piece I realised it was a wonderful way for me to show my love for Steve. And really, you know, embrace that sort of gratitude for having known him."

"I sent my mother a picture of the piece. A photograph of the piece, and she took it to show Steve Clark's family. And she said it was wonderful because she showed Beryl a picture of the piece. Actually I think she made a print, and she said Beryl just sat there with, you know, a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks. Just loving the piece. So I must have captured something just studying his face like that for such a, it was kind if like a spiritual journey. And for his mother of all people to pick up on that and really get my appreciation for her son. That just made the whole thing worthwhile. So I think that's gonna be the first of many."

"That was the whole idea trying to create...I can't do realism. But I can do, you know, that sort of pop art and the way that I put the thing together. I'm not schooled at all, but I do have a teacher. I have an art teacher that really helps me. And that was one of the themes that I started doing was pop art and using negative space and how I can turn, you know, sort of geometric shapes into faces. And that's basically how I came up with the piece."

The 'Hysteria 30th Anniversary Edition' was released around the world on 4th August.

Hysteria 2017.

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