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JOE ELLIOTT Says DEF LEPPARD's Next Album Won't Be Out For 2 Years

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Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Phil Collen were interviewed by Japanese TV in October and mentioned the next studio album.

Joe and Phil appeared on Masa Ito's Rock TV show in October when the band were playing three Hysteria & More shows in Japan.

The video has now been made public on YouTube this week.

Joe and Phil talked about how well the 2018 tour has been, the digital/streaming deal, South America, Headline News/Depeche Mode Cover, The Story So Far, We All Need Christmas, new fans, 2019 touring, return for second Las Vegas residency, the Hysteria album, Mutt Lange, Hysteria album success/PSSOM, In the Round staging and the next studio album.

In the lengthy 26 minute interview Joe and Phil both discussed the next studio album.

Joe suggested it might not be released for at least two years.

Vivian had suggested earlier this year the band would record much of the album in 2019 and do less touring.

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Masa Ito's Rock TV - Joe Elliott/Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Next Studio Album?

Phil Collen -"We've already started it."

Joe Elliott - "We've got loads of ideas knocking around."

Phil - "And people go when are you going back in the studio. We just done two songs. We done three songs when we were on tour. We done the stuff at the Spotify studio but we also recorded the Christmas song like Joe said we was backstage, in rooms like this. And we've already started. You can do it on, you can start it on a computer which we've been doing for years."

Phil - "You know I just produced the new Tesla album that comes out in January. We done the whole album on tour. Backstage on a mac laptop. And you can do that. And as long as you've got the idea that's all you need and then you get the other stuff as you go along."

New Music Formats

Joe - "One day we will present to the world ten, twelve new songs. Whatever format they come out on isn't really any issue is it?. I mean we'll embrace anything as long as it works. And I can't, I don't know what is beyond digital. If there's such a thing, you know, because physical and digital are two separate...I can't see a third entity just popping up out of nowhere. But as long as...we have to create before we promote if you like. So we have to put these songs together and when we do if people. I mean, let's be honest, vinyl is now outselling CDs again. They're opening vinyl plants in Japan right. They closed them all down and now they're opening them again."

"So yeah you know let's just say that this album will come out in two years time or whatever or two and a half year's time. It will probably be on vinyl. Maybe on CD, definitely on digital and...."

Phil - "Eight track!."

Joe - "Yeah we're open...cassette yeah. We're opening to anything you know that...hologram music or something I don't know. We'll cross each bridge as we get to 'em sport of thing, but we gotta make the songs first. And that's something that we'll always I think wanna do because the generation that we're from, it's part of the whole thing."

Joe - "There's probably a bunch of kids coming from now that are they have other people write their songs. They have specific, I didn't realise this until the other day, there's people that all they do is write bridges. There's other people that just write choruses. And other people that write verses and they get them in and other people out things over the top of it and the put the thing out so they can get it out and promote it to radio or whatever. It's not the same kind of career that we have. We'll always have in ours minds that sitting on the edge of a bed with an acoustic and then going down to your friends and going I've got this idea for a song. And you build it up and it becomes Smoke On The Water or Let It Be Stairway To Heaven. PSSOM whatever."

Joe - "There's a generation that came after us now that I don't think they think the same way we did or we still do. And we can embrace the new stuff as best we can, but we'll always have that anchor or coming from where real bands came from and when that ultimate book gets written. That will have no doubt The Rolling Stones tongue on the front cover. And it goes through all the great stuff it's all gonna be bands from back then. Before us that set the foundation done everything that came afterwards. Whether it be the big four which for me is The Beatles, the Stones, The Who and Zeppelin. And then the next lot which would be like The Kinks, Small Faces, Sabbath blah blah blah. You can build it up to a pyramid. And somewhere along the way we all get...climb on board and go for the ride you know."

Joe - "But we've gotta write the songs first and that's something that I think we're always gonna wanna do. 'Cause we always got our ideas and a lot of people have ideas these days but their ideas are just self promotional ideas. How can I make myself look better?. How can I get my whatever art I've got into people's heads. They don't really think about creating the art, it's trying to sell it. We've got a great team that can help us do that but we wanna create before that happens and that's a generational thing I think."

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