Wednesday, 25th July 2018
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VIVIAN CAMPBELL Says DEF LEPPARD To Record New Music In 2019

Def Leppard 2018. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Tennessee radio and mentioned the next studio album.

Vivian spoke to Ditch of Rock 102.7 radio to promote the 6th July Memphis, TN show.

Vivian talked about touring, changes in touring, starting in music/performing live, audiences, new Def Leppard music/new album, Record Stores/Album Artwork, Side Projects/Last In Line, second album, original DIO band, Journey/2018 US Tour and his current health.

Vivian mentions Def Leppard recording new music and making another studio album in 2019.

He also gives another update on his health with no major changes to his ongoing treatment.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview below.

Vivian also told the Knoxville news in June that 2019 would likely see Def Leppard back in the studio.

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Ditch/Rock 102.7 - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes


"We get out there you know we get around. But life is short you gotta work, you know what I mean?."

New Def Leppard Music In 2019/Next Album

"I would say there will be next year. I mean obviously this year, you know, after we do 60 something shows in North America with Journey. Then we got to Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England. We don't finish till the week before Christmas over in England."

"So this entire year is touring. But I'd say next year we'll probably start getting in there you know. Individually we all continually write songs it's's not very often that we get a chance to get together the five of us and actually kind of pool our resources and listen to what we have and start making a record."

"But I'd say we'll get into that some time next year."

Journey/2018 North American Tour

"That's the great thing about this tour with Journey and Def Leppard is both bands just have an extremely deep catalogue of genuine hit songs and you know when Journey play it's just one hit after another and you go yeah I remember that one. I remember that one. Forgot about that one."

"And then the same is true of Def Leppard's show, you know, we just have an awful lot of hit songs and in a way you're kind of beholden to those hit songs. You know most people who come to a Leppard show, or indeed a Journey show, come expecting to hear those big hit songs. So you kind of have to play them. So the challenge for us is how to present it in a way that it kinda keeps it fresh, you know, and then mix it up with something else and that people aren't going to be expecting."

"And of course the production element of the show is very very important to us too you know. In Leppard we put a lot of thought and a lot of work and a lot of resources into the physical presentation of the show and the production and the spectacle. We try and make it a real event and this tour, you know, we've really kind of stepped it up."

His Current Health/Hope you're doing well

"I am yeah thank you. It's not anything I've ever been too concerned with. You know I just kinda roll with the punches when it comes to that stuff. But I've fortunate for the last three years. Actually this month is the three year anniversary. I've been doing Immunotherapy. I was part of a clinical trial and long story short. I mean I found a treatment that holds everything in place for me with the Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it's not getting any worse and my hair's not falling out. And I'm not having, you know, serious side effects to this drug."

"So I'm very very fortunate you know. I can continue my life and my work. And my work is very important to me. I mean that's very cathartic to me to be able to work. Even when I was doing the real hardcore chemo a few years ago and whatnot , you know, I still wanted to go out and do as many shows as possible. I missed a half dozen or so I think when I was doing a stem cell transplant and I found that, that was more heartbreaking to me than actually doing a stem cell transplant. Was the fact that I wasn't able to be on stage with my band mates. So that's been, you know, a big part of it is. You know my mind set has always been to just refuse to give in to cancer. I just will not capitulate to that."

"I mean you got two choices in life you know. You can go one way or the other. That's what it comes down to."

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