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21st Century Sha La La La Girl (1999)

Song details plus a list of the releases it has appeared on and the tours where it has been performed live.

Euphoria 1999.

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song info

  • Song Type - Album Track/Promo Single.
  • First Released - 8th June 1999.
  • Producer - Pete Woodroffe/Def Leppard.
  • Engineer/Mixed By - Pete Woodroffe.
  • Engineers - Ronan McHugh/Ger McDonnell.

song versions

  • 21st Century Sha La La La Girl (Version 1) - 4:06

The only version of this song first appeared on the 'Euphoria' album in 2006 as track 8 of 13. One of the band's more unusual song titles. Along with the demo of 'Guilty' it was later revealed by co-producer Pete Woodroffe that hearing both songs convinced him to produce the album.

audio releases

song trivia

The song would be released to rock radio around the time of the new Millennium in late 1999 and as a promo CD single. At the December 31st 1999 New Year's Eve show in Chicago, IL it was played live for the only known time. Appropriately enough, the first song performed by the band in the 21st Century.

song commentary

Joe Elliott ()


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song lyrics sample

Twenty four hours of every day
I'd walk on glass just to hear you say
Gettin' it on is like a drug to me
I want you baby, can't you see
I'm crashed and I'm crushed and I'm stuck on you
I'd do anything that you want me to
I'd crawl on my knees just to get to you
I close my eyes and girl it's true

On a psychedelic space machine, galactic sugar high
Like a caffeinated satellite gone way past ninety nine
Come on, be my
21st century girl, all outrageous, quite contagious
21st century, you got solar fire
21st century girl, sweet romancer, cosmic dancer
21st century sha la la la girl

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