Thursday, 4th July 2024
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DEF LEPPARD 2024 SiriusXM LA Garage Show/Setlist Recap (Photos)

Def Leppard 2024. Def Leppard 2024

Def Leppard played an intimate show for SiriusXM radio in Los Angeles in June with two live debuts included.

The Summer Stadium Tour 2024 was first announced on 7th December 2023.

The tour starts on 6th July 2024 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO and ends on 10th September in Salt Lake City, UT.

Live At the SiriusXM LA Garage

SiriusXM radio started to broadcast both the audio and video from this show earlier in the week.

The first full band performance of 2024 was was played on 12th June featuring two live debuts.

Th full 12 track performance is now available to hear and view.

The Show Report was a little light on details other than the setlist so below are some photos and all of Joe's on stage chat.

Summer Stadium Tour Setlist

It seems likely all 12 songs will feature in the St. Louis setlist but will they play 18 songs this time and what will the other 6 songs be?.

Four would seem to pick themselves as the most likely - Animal, Armageddon It, Love Bites and Rocket.

The other potentially two songs? - Two Steps Behind and This Guitar seem likely for an acoustic/semi-acoustic section with a much bigger Thrust stage to play on.

Adding the last two Pyromania tracks in 'Stagefright' and 'Action! Not Words' and playing the full album appears to be unlikely.


As mentioned a YouTube user uploaded - Comin' Under Fire and has since added Just Like '73, Rock! Rock!, Die Hard The Hunter and Billy's Got A Gun (see Fan Videos).

More than likely to be removed as and when SiriusXM and/or the band add official uploads.

The show, like The Whisky one from 2022, may eventually get posted in full and find it's way to iTunes/Apple Music as individual downloads.

For subscribers in the USA the video and audio are available on demand via the SiriusXM website and App.

Watch some Fan Videos from the show here.

Def Leppard 2024 Fan Videos.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Visit the Album News section for more news on new music (based on band member quotes).

Def Leppard 2024.

Def Leppard - Los Angeles, CA 12th June 2024 Setlist

DJ Bob Buchmann Intro

Well, welcome to Sirius XM in the LA Garage.

Can you believe this? My God.

I'm Bob Buchmann from Classic Rewind.

We are so glad you guys are here.

And how unbelievable is it that we've got 75 people packed in this garage and these guys are about to play for 70 and 80,000 people in a matter of days with the Summer Stadium Tour 2024.

Can I hear it?.

How about that?.

You know, 1977 is when these guys put this band together.

And punk was at its height in the United Kingdom.

And the reason that they have continued to just blow everybody out of the water decade after decade is because they have a work ethic like no other band I've ever experienced.

These guys work so hard and they get better and better every single year.

And you're about to see that right now in person on the Sirius XM app and of course on Classic Rewind.

Ladies and gentlemen, Def Leppard.

Joe Elliott

"So this is like an intimate kind of half-rehearsal performance, we're gonna feature, because we have just recently celebrated 40th anniversary of Pyromania."

"We're gonna play a few of those, maybe one we've never played before from that album."

"And maybe a new song as well."

"So without further ado."

  • 01 - Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)

Joe Elliott

"This is where it won't run as smoothly as a stadium show would because our guitar techs are literally crawling through the crowd and I have to wait until these guys are ready."

"So anyway so yeah Pyromania 1983 40th anniversary, actually 41 because the pandemic screwed everything up for everyone."

"So it's a year wrong but forgive us."

"That was the song that we opened the Pyromania tour with all those years ago but this next one is possibly the first song that you heard on the radio from that album."

  • 02 - Photograph
  • 03 - Too Late For Love
  • 04 - Die Hard The Hunter (Short Version)

Joe Elliott

"Okay so let's give the pyro stuff a couple of minutes off and we'll play you something from just a couple of years ago actually."

  • 05 - Kick

Joe Elliott

"Okay so that was from Diamond Star Halos the 15 track album that we released in 2022 which was almost a 16 track album but we just couldn't quite f**king finish the 16th song."

"So we hung on to it and when this tour came up we went you know what we're not going on the road without something new to play."

"So we finished it and it's out tomorrow."

"I think and we're going to play for you right now."

"For the first time ever in the world you are going to hear this song which is called Just Like '73."

  • 06 - Just Like '73 - (Live Debut)

Joe Elliott

"Thank you thank you very much. Just Like '73 out tomorrow."

"Let's get it in the charts, yeah."

"That's '73 just like '83."

Los Angeles, CA, USA 2024 Fan Photos

Screenshots by dltourhistory.

  • 07 - Foolin'

Joe Elliott

"All right um something else from Pyromania if you want."

  • 08 - Billy's Got A Gun

Joe Elliott

"Thank you very much okay so uh if you've seen us before you'll know we have played that tune a couple of times."

"Uh no I'm good thanks."

"Oh go on then I need some blush and some mascara as well if you don't mind, poly filler, something to fill in the cracks you know."

"Yeah we played that in uh and Die Hard and what have you at uh the residency in Vegas about uh six years ago."

"And here is one that we have never played before. So uh enjoy!."

  • 09 - Comin' Under Fire - (Live Debut)

Joe Elliott

"Thank you. Thank you."

"And big hand for Phil, Sav and Vivian for the immense backing vocals that they provide night after night after night."

"And uh our man at the back here Rick Allen who's got something to say."

  • 10 - Rock Of Ages

Joe Elliott

"I think that's the first that's the first time we've ever ended it like the album."

Phil Collen

"I didn't think we were gonna end it like that then either."

"Yeah that's how we were gonna end it."

Joe Elliott

"So uh that kind of concludes the uh Pyromania section of the evening."

"So let's pretend we've gone off and you all go more more more."

And we come back on and I say uh well that album served us very well but so did another album that we made.

  • 11 - Hysteria
  • 12 - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Joe Elliott

Thank you.

Classic Rewind Presents Def Leppard - Live At the SiriusXM LA Garage (Video)

Monday, 1st July, 2024 SiriusXM Radio Website - Video

Classic Rewind Presents Def Leppard - Live At the SiriusXM LA Garage (Audio)

  • Tuesday, 2nd July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 11am - Listen/Watch
  • Wednesday, 3rd July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 6pm
  • Thursday, 4th July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 9am
  • Friday, 5th July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 9pm
  • Saturday, 6th July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 1pm
  • Sunday, 7th July 2024 - Classic Rewind @ 7am & 7pm

Def Leppard 2024.

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