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RICK ALLEN Says DEF LEPPARD To Dig Into Past For Las Vegas Setlist

Rick Allen 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed in February and spoke about the upcoming Sin City Residency.

Rick spoke to Carlo Bellario of Hamilton radio in New Jersey, USA.

Rick talked about the American weather, Las Vegas Sin City Residency, the setlist, Ded Flatbird, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction/Pete Willis, Las Vegas stage production, Band Ambitions/Future/2018 Tour and PTSD/Working With Wounded Warriors.

He says the band are likely to dig deeper into their history for the setlist in Las Vegas this summer.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

The 34th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction takes place on 29th March at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

The Sin City Residency was announced on 13th february with 12 shows to be played in Las Vegas in August and September.

Def Leppard 2019.

The Animal House Radio Show - Rick Allen Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Sin City Residency

"You know what's really cool the first time we did the residency I wasn't sure what to expect but then I actually really got into the idea. And, you know, the fact that people were coming to us and my bed didn't have wheels, it wasn't a tour bus. Yeah it was really cool. It was a different way to experience Vegas and people loved it, you know. We had a blast."

Setlist/Ded Flatbird

"And it was a great opportunity for us to fig in and play songs that we hadn't played in decades. So it was really fun."

Las Vegas Fans

"No it's true there's a little less structure to it and a bit more time to kind of go you know what what would diehards, what would people that have known this band from day one. What would they wanna hear. And it was a great opportunity. We actually did, you know, we'd come on. We formed this band called Ded Flatbird. And Ded Flatbird would come on and basically play all these really deep tracks. Songs that we hadn't played in years. ."

"And it was funny as first I don't think people realised it was us. They thought we were a cover band doing Def Leppard songs. So there were a few boos here and there but then finally people in the audience realised it was us. Then we'd play all these great songs and then go off. And then about 20 minutes later come back on and do Hysteria from start to finish."

"But yeah I think that's what Vegas does it opens the band up to more possibilities and it's just another opportunity to connect with the audience in a different way you know like dig in to the past a little bit it's great."

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

"Yeah it's great and I think, you know, it's nice getting appreciation from your peers. But the thing that really blew us away was the amount of fan votes that we got. It was off the charts. And then realising that and then going well that's why we do it, you know. They're the people that have always supported us, you know, so we feel really honoured."

"That always comes up but you know what better late than never. Absolutely they're the people that allow us to realise, you know, that we're doing the right thing and you know we're making people happy. This music is the soundtrack of people's lives."

Las Vegas Stage Production

"It is but we have the most incredible crew. All really creative people, you know, from video, lights, sound, production you name it. And I think working together as a team, especially with people that you've worked with for decades you know. In a place like Vegas is great because we set up once and then we're gonna be tweaking it the whole time. I mean we're never happy, you know, there's always room for improvement. So I'm sure this production will end up being something really really special."

Band Ambitions/Future/2018 Tour

"We just wanna go out there and play. But there are always more things to do.This last tour that we did with Journey in North America that was the first time we played on a consistent basis, that was the first time we played stadiums. And that was pretty intense. And we rose to the occasion it was fantastic, you know. Seeing how many people in front of you. Man, that's kind of scary at first but you warm to it."

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