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15 Years Ago BRIAN MAY Onstage w/ DEF LEPPARD In London (Photos/Audio)

Def Leppard 2003. By Jonathon Dinnes

Def Leppard played an X/Ten world tour show in London, England on this day in 2003 and Brian May joined them once again.

The show took place at Hammersmith Odeon and was the last night of the second X/Ten UK tour.

It was also the second London show of the year after they had played the larger Brixton Academy in February.

Queen guitarist Brian May appeared on stage with the band for the fourth time after his 1983, 1987 and 1992 appearances. The third time at a headline Def Leppard show.

He played on the Queen classic 'Tie Your Mother Down' which was played as the final encore song of the show and listed on the printed setlist as 'Yo Momma'.

Rick Allen celebrated his 40th birthday the day after this show and Joe led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to him after his Mother came out on stage to present him with a cake.

Read Joe's on stage quotes below. And also Brian May's Soapbox entry from his official website which was posted the day after the show.

Joe Elliott - 31st October 2003 On Stage Quotes

Rick Allen Birthday Introduction

"Thank you very much. Interesting evening tonight it is. What with is being as I said the Hammersmith Odeon. This is the very venue where a young, a very young man, had his 16th birthday opening up for a band called AC/DC. Tomorrow he celebrates his 40th. Come on Mother!. And he's brought his Mum all the way from Sheffield bless him. I think you should sing him a little song. in the key of A. Are you ready?."

"That really aged us somewhat didn't it. There again he's been in rock and roll 25 years and he's still only 40. That's pretty good. Liam Gallagher's nearly 40 and he's only been doing it for about 10. That's Manchester you see...It ain't Sheffield."

Def Leppard 2003. London 2003

Brian May/Tie Your Mother Down Introduction

"Now thank you very much. Normally we would be leaving the stage about now. But it's the last night of the tour. We're in London. We're gonna do something very special. I don't think I really have to say too much more than the next two words. Ladies and gentleman Brian May. Brian May!!!."

End Of Show

"Ladies and Gentleman Mr. Brian May. Thank you Hammersmith!. Thanks Brian. These things only happen every now and again. It's always a pleasure to play with this guy. It always has been, it always will be. From all of us to all of you. Until next time, and there will be a next time!. Don't forget us. We won't forget you. Goodnight."

Brian May's Soapbox - 1st November 2003

Def Leppard Show - a guest appearance by Bri.

Yep! They went nuts, I'm happy to say - it's great feeling to see that happen. The Apollo (or HAMMERSMITH ODEON as it will always be to us) was heaving up and down as one body - an amazing sight to see. At the moment there are no seats in it - so when it's full like tonight it's really packed and jumping - a great atmosphere.

And it was great for me to be around my dear old mates - we go back a long way now - .... oh, I'll tell you sometime ... but tonight was electric, nostalgic, and full of positive energy. My favourite kind of night really, pretty much! Of course going on 'blind' like that there's no sound-check and it would have been a miracle if I could have heard what I was doing !! But what the *song might have lacked in accuracy it gained in attitude!!!!Love Bri

PS *"Tie Your Mother "... It was called "Yo Mama" in their setlist !!!

The Band had never played it before... only Joe, who had of course done it at the Freddie Tribute - but only the second verse on!!!

Def Leppard Hammersmith Odeon (Classic Rock Magazine) - Concert Review Quote

""The rapport between fans and band really is a bond of friendship, with those both on and off the stage genuinely enjoying the two hours of classic music. You could quibble about there being nothing from Leppard's first two albums, but does it matter? Not when Brian May joins the band on stage for the climactic sign-off with a version of Queen's 'Tie Your Mother Down', with Leppard genuinely in awe of the Queen guitarist's presence."

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