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Friday, 23rd May 2008

Halden, Norway - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Niko

This year decided to make myself a very special birthday present, but the Leps decided not to come for a visit in my beloved country (ITALY) on this tour, so booked a couple of ticket for this very special Def Leppard show in a beautiful site in Norway! Got the plane from Milan with my girlfriend Irene and went to Halden (w/h-ell, it's been a bit more complicated but...), in a fortress on top of a beautiful hill above this maritime village, a stunning place for any kind of show.

Got the opportunity to meet Sav, Rick and the mighty Phil (for the second time in 3 weeks!), while walkin around the site! And Phil did also remember about that previous meeting at the Islington show, and left me jaw-dropped! What a hero! We entered in the park among the firsts and managed to get the first row right in front where I know Phil usually stand, yeah! I was way over excited for this personal 7th show, and Irene, at her first, tried to calm me down!! Made friendship with some long-time Swedish fans (Hi Cya!) and enjoyed the Empty Bottles show.In the meantime the park get packed of people.

At 21.30 the intro starts the guys made onto the stage; "Guitar!Drums" screams Joe and Rocket begins the 90 mins set. Honestly I hoped for a different opening, something faster or heavier, like they did in London. Animal follows and as usual I got stunned by the amazing guitar solo. People scream and jump all over the place during C'mon and we enjoyed the old faves Foolin and Mirror. The sun kept shining for most of the show, despite the late hour... The guys are in great shape, especially Sav. During Nine Lives Joe experience some vocal problems, especially during the high notes. Love Bites and Rock On chill a bit the atmosphere, but with Make Love and the new Bad Actress the band back on full throttle!

And at this a bunch of drunken or maybe drug-fuelled idiots start to push very hard against us in the front row, with the results that Irene and other several guys got injured and rescued by the security; I also happened to get skipped back and that totally pissed me off! It's time for the great classics, Hysteria, Armageddon, Photograph and Sugar run quickly.Phil and Viv, muscles in evidence, often swap position and Jope never stops to warm the crowd up and many times says what a beautiful place it is. The show ends with the crowd favourite Rock of Ages and the guys leave us. But we all know that's not finished yet, and they come back on stage with their trademark question: "Do you wanna get rocked??" And Let's Get Rocked is a perfect ending for a very good show!

Tired and with a Sav guitar pick I find back Irene, who took some amazing pics, and we made our way to the (hired)car. ..and there will be a next time...Yeah, maybe in Athens, who knows! Only hope for more new songs.


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