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Thursday, 27th March 2008

Greensboro, NC - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Ryan

My dad and I got to the Greensboro Coliseum around 3pm and walked first to the buses. We saw Gowan (STYX) ride his bike around the venue a couple of times. We then saw Wolfie walking around so we stopped him and introduced ourselves, he was extremely cool and talked about vivian's guitar he would be playing that night. He then gave away, the only new song they would be playing was "nine lives' and that "mirror, mirror" stayed in the set. Around 6 we went inside to our seats. We were row 7, 2 seats away from the end of the thrust. Luckily, 2 very nice ladies let me stand by the stage for the performance!!

The intro was very cool, flashing old pictures of the band with old song titles, then the words came on the screen "THAT.....WAS......THEN........THIS.....IS......NOW" then new pictures of the band started flashing with new song titles, then the band walked out and the words "WELCOME TO THE SPARKLE LOUNGE" came on the screen as they blasted into "Rocket". They then went into Animal, Let's Get Rocked, Mirror, Mirror, and Nine Lives!! Nine Lives was awesome I thought!! The set was basically the same as last year with the exception of Let's Get Rocked being added as well as Nine Lives! After the show, they walked around the stage and said their goodbyes. Joe said his usual "Don't forget us and we won't forget you!!"

After the show, my dad and I walked to the buses and after only about 2 to 3 hours, all 5 guys came out and signed my target signature def leppard guitar!! I gotta take pics of it and put them online, but it was just an awesome experience. They were all very very nice and had the nicest things to say to everyone!!

Fan Review - By Tu Tall

Awesome Show!!!!! Def Leppard worked the crowd, and played an outstanding show! Second time seeing them in concert, and they were even better than the first time I saw them.

Most everyone sat for REO and STYX (with the exception of those on the floor), but when Def Leppard started.... only a handful of people were still sitting....just about everyone was on their feet, and singing along... some guy in a red shirt (left center lower level from the stage view) was rockin out so hard it looked like he was having seizures!

Joe wore a black cowboy hat for Nine Lives while he sang Tim McGraw's part, then threw it into the crowd, which was pretty cool. The video for Nine Lives (which was playing in the background) was awesome, which I am sure most guys will agree with!! OVERALL IT WAS AN AWESOME CONCERT!... its the next day and I am still horse from singing along with Joe, the rest of the band, and the thousand plus others at the concert.

Fan Review - By Cheryl Woodley

My friend Vicky and I flew into North Carolina from California on Wednesday night and spent the evening relaxing and listening to the Rockline interview at our hotel. We heard a bunch of new songs and it really got us excited for the new album. We are especially fond of C'mon C'mon but all the new songs are just incredible.

The show was awesome, we were right on the thrust and right below Sav's mic stand, who could ask for anything more! The guys rocked! We loved the guitar intro at the start of the show, wow! Joe had on a hat at the beginning of Nine Lives, representing Tim Mc Graw during his intro part and then he threw it into the crowd. The backing vocals were just fantastic, it just really makes the set amazing when backing vocals are so strong! It cost us a pretty penny to get out there for opening night but we have no regrets, it was worth every penny spent!

Fan Review - By Danielle

There is only one word to sum that concert up - WOW! I've seen the Leps a couple of times before, but this was just a-mazing. Their "That was then, this is now" entrance told everyone in the crowd that this was going to rock the pants off of them. I loved getting to hear them live again. Hearing Nine Lives live for the first time was awesome. I was hoping, although I'm not a country fan, that Tim McGraw would come out and sing with them. But Joe throwing out one of his hats was pretty cool. The entire night was one of the craziest I've had, thanks to them. I can't wait for the next tour.


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