Saturday, 4th November 2023
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DEF LEPPPARD Show 2 In Yokohama, Japan THE WORLD TOUR 2023 (Show Report/Setlist)

Def Leppard 2023. Screenshots

Def Leppard played another show on The World Tour 2023 last night in Yokohama, Japan with 17 songs performed.

The show took place at the new 20,000 capacity K-Arena Yokohama.

A second night at this new venue.

The last of two shows in Japan before a three show visit to Australia.

Night Two Yokohama

A second night at the newly opened venue in Yokohama and the band's seventh time playing in this city.

As expected the band did not mix up the setlist.

Or play 22 songs as they had for the shows in 2011 which were the longest of the Mirrorball tour and included some rarities.

Def Leppard Closing/Biggest Crowd

After opening the show on night one it was Def Leppard's turn to be in the closing slot.

The band may have played to more people over the three nights at the Budokan in 1993 but each of these two nights were the biggest crowds played to a single gigs in Japan.

If the crowds were at the capacity of 20,000 (and it looks like they were) then it's larger than the 14,000 capacity of the Budokan.

And more than the Yoyogi Olympic Pool venue played in Tokyo in May 1988 on the Hysteria tour.

At 13,291 capacity that was the previous biggest venue played until the Budokan in 1993.

Traditionally all the other venues played here have been theatre style venues with between 1,100 up to less then 3,000 capacity.

17 Song Setlist

The same 17 song setlist played once more.

All three 'Diamond Star Halos' songs played in Yokohama for a second time.

Maso Ito/DJ Opener

Maso Ito once again opened the show with a DJ set played at the front of the Thrust stage before Motley Crue.

Yokohama History

The first visit to Yokohama took place in May 1988 on the Hysteria tour.

The audience recording from that show being one of the better ones from the 1988 tour.

The next visit came in June 1993 at the same venue.

A third visit to the Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan venue then took place in June 1996.

They returned on the Euphoria tour in October 1999 at the Pacifico Yokohama also in Yokohama Bay.

The fifth show took place in November 2002 at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and was filmed and broadcast on local TV.

Last night's show was the 7th overall Def Leppard performance in Yokohama.

The next Def Leppard show takes place in Brisbane, Australia on 8th November. The first of three outdoor stadiums shows to end the year.

Yokohama, Japan 2023 Photos

Screenshots by dltourhistory.

Watch some Fan Videos from the show here.

Def Leppard 2023 Fan Videos.

Def Leppard - Yokohama, Japan 4th November 2023 Setlist

  • 01 - Take What You Want
  • 02 - Let's Get Rocked
  • 03 - Animal
  • 04 - Foolin'
  • 05 - Armageddon It
  • 06 - Kick
  • 07 - Love Bites
  • 08 - Promises
  • 09 - This Guitar (Semi-Acoustic)
  • 10 - When Love & Hate Collide (Short Acoustic/Electric Version)
  • 11 - Rocket (Single Version/Album Intro)
  • 12 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak
  • 13 - Switch 625 (instrumental)
  • 14 - Hysteria (Extended Outro)
  • 15 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • 16 - Rock Of Ages
  • 17 - Photograph

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Yokohama!. Japan!. All those who have travelled to be here tonight."

"Thanks for coming. Thanks for having us."

"Thanks for waiting."

"We'll catch you next time. Goodnight!."

"Domo arigato Yokohama!."

"Thank you for two fantastic nights here!."

"We love ya. You take care of yourselves."

"Until next time. And there will be a next time!."

"Until then do us a big favour yeah."

"Don't forget us and we won't forget you."

"Goodnight! Sayonara!."

Various Photos/Videos

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