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36 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Perform HYSTERIA In OSLO, NORWAY (Video/Photos)

Def Leppard 1988. Def Leppard 1988

Def Leppard played a Hysteria European tour show in Oslo, Norway on 7th March 1988 and on local TV with video available.

The show took place at the Skedsmohallen.

They were supported by M.S.G. (McAuley Schenker Group).

The first ever visit to Oslo and to Norway and the third night of the European tour.

The setlist was extended from the previous two shows in Sweden.

17 songs were played with 'Armageddon It' returning to the set alongside 'Tear It Down'.

Earlier in the day the band taped an appearance on NRK2 TV show Blikkbåx which would be broadcast on 12th March.

This show ran from February 1987 to May 1988.

It featured the band being interviewed by the young teenage hosts of the show and performing a playback version of 'Hysteria'.

Their segment started out with a playback version of 'Animal' shown very briefly before the hosts interrupt them and start an interview.

During this part they are presented with a Gold disc for 50,000 sales of the 'Hysteria' album in Norway.

The full show was posted (and mentioned here) on the NRK website in May 2015.

The Lep part starts at 40:59mins and lasts for about 10 minutes.

Click on the 12th March 1988 episode.

They also appear briefly at 7:24 mins as part of the opening sketch which is quite amusing (and not noticed before).

The then 13 year old girl asking Joe questions is now an actress, photographer and director called Erle Kyllingmark. Here is a clip of her watching herself on this show as she is now.

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Def Leppard 1988. Def Leppard 1988

Def Leppard Blikkbåx March 1988 Interview Quotes

Opening Scene:

Joe Elliott - "Hello mate. Mind if we watch this episode with you?."

Host - Def Leppard her?!. - (her = here in Norwegian)

Joe Elliott - "Here, have a crisp."

Host - That's the wrong melody. You're gonna play Hysteria, but can we have a talk with you?. We have a surprise for you afterwards.

Joe Elliott - "Yeah alright then, we'll sit down."

Joe Elliott - "A surprise?!."

Host - Yeah a surprise.

Joe Elliott - "What sort of surprise?."

Host - Oh you'll find out later.

Host - Have you ever had a great catastrophe at your concert?.

Phil Collen - "We had one the other night. Joe's guitar, he plays guitar on one song. And it was so loud, it was the loudest thing we'd ever heard in our lives. Yeah so it won't happen again."

Rick Allen - "There was something wrong with the monitor system. The sound system that we hear. So it was far too loud. It was the loudest thing on stage. ."

Host - So all you could hear was the guitar?.

Rick Allen - "Yeah it was his solo project."

Joe Elliott - "So you know what they did the night after. They turned me off altogether."

Host - Isn't it difficult to play the drums with just one arm?.

Rick Allen - "It was at first but it's like anything if you're put in a situation, you know, you have to try and deal with it. So I use my left foot a lot."

Host - Do you take the music seriously?.

Joe Elliott - "Oh yeah, reasonably seriously yeah. You've gotta have a good time as well. But we take it seriously enough to spend two and a half years on a record."

Host - Is there another one planned after this?. Wanna quit with this?

Rick Allen - "What quit now while we're on top?."

Host - Yeah if you think it's boring to be at the top and you wanna do something else?

Rick Savage - "No we wanna come back and do this show again."

Joe Elliott - "There's no such thing as boring."

Host - Some special group that you like?

Phil Collen - "Oh loads of bands, everyone."

Def Leppard 1988. Def Leppard 1988

Joe Elliott - "Except the Pet Shop Boys. We listen to anything. If it's good we listen to anything. It doesn't have to be Hard Rock. We can listen to Scritti Politti at the same time we listen to Led Zeppelin. It's a bit difficult to listen to 'em both at the same time."

Host - But do you play heavy metal or do you play ordinary rock music. Some say you play heavy?

Phil Collen - "What do you think?."

Host - I think, it's something in between. Sometimes it can be more heavy and sometimes it can be more...

Joe Elliott - "That's the best description I've heard for a long time. Somewhere in between. Definitely."

Question - Now we've got a surprise.

Rick Savage - "This better be good."

Question - Yeah it is good I promise. I promise it's so good. You sold 70,000 records. 70,000 in Norway.

Joe Elliott - "The Norwegian Gold disc awarded to Joe Elliott vocals for sales of more than 50,000 copies of Hysteria in Norway in 1988."

Question - How does it feel to have sold 70,000 records just in Norway.

Joe Elliott - "It's amazing. There's a time where we'd have been have been very happy to sell that many copies in England or America or something. And to think that we can sell 70,000 copies in Norway is, it's unbelievable really. It's a really good feeling."

Question - I envy you.

Joe Elliott - "You envy me?."

Question - Yeah I wish I had that but I can't sing. I can't play so.

Rick Savage - "If you can't sing you've got a good chance of getting one."

Joe Elliott - "I can't sing either and I've got one."

Rick Savage - "This is the first one from Norway."

Question - Where you gonna hang it?.

Joe Elliott - "I'm gonna hang it on my wall when I get home. Then I've got to go and get a wall to hang it on first."

Phil Collen - "Thanks a lot that's a nice surprise that."

Joe Elliott - "And to all the people out there that bought the record."

Rick Savage - "Thank you very much."

Joe Elliott - "Keep on buying it."

Def Leppard Oslo, Norway 1988 Photos

Screenshots by dltourhistory.

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