Tuesday, 14th November 2023
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Def Leppard 2023. Screenshots

Def Leppard played another show on The World Tour 2023 last night in Melbourne, Australia with 17 songs performed.

The show took place at the new 53,359 capacity Marvel Stadium.

The first show in this city since November 2018.

The last of the three Australian shows to round out this tour.

Not very sunny but it was time to rock one last time.

Marvel-lous In Melbourne

Marvel Stadium in the Docklands area of Melbourne.

Def Leppard and Motley Crue in a 50,000 plus seater stadium once again just like the start of their joint touring in June 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

Almost 18 months later here they were at the end of this (mostly) stadium tour.

As Joe stated on his radio show over the last week, this is the last show to be played with Motley Crue and a third year together playing stadiums is it seems not going to happen after all.

Both bands decided to go out with a bang.

Motley Crue starting first in the early slot after the Virtual DJ.

Sadly the very back seats were not full but still a massive crowd there to witness the last night of the tour.

And as you can see and hear from the many videos the crowd were loud and in Joe's words it was "an amazing way to end this tour!".

The Last Show

Starting quite late at around 9:15-9:20 Def Leppard took to the Marvel Stadium stage in...marvellous form once more.

'Take What You Want' followed the Heroes/Album Intro and things got very loud.

The crowd in fine voice singing along to 'Let's Get Rocked' and 'Animal'.

This show taking place exactly 15 years to the day since they ended their comeback tour of Australia and New Zealand after what had been a 16 year gap.

The show continued all the way through to the big finale of 'Rock Of Ages' and 'Photograph'.

Show #45 for Def Leppard in 2023 and the 43rd show with Motley Crue.

Another spectacular end to another spectacular run of shows and another end of tour photo with Ross Halfin on stage.

Surviving Plane Incidents

As well as mentioning the end of the tour on his radio shows recently Joe also said the band had yet another plane related incident.

Like the Lytham England incident this one also involved not being able to land due to a storm when flying from Brisbane to Sydney.

There was also the drama in South America with the broken landing gear and Joe's altitude sickness.

Fortunately all incidents are now behind them. Read his quotes below.

2024 Touring?

Will they be back in arenas and amphitheatres in 2024? And/or a residency in Las Vegas?. Symphonic shows?.

We await the news of more shows/releases.

And of course will the studio recording of 'Heroes' be released having been heard before each show over the PA.

First Melbourne Stadium Show

As with the two previous shows this was another first for Melbourne.

One of many firsts.

The first show here in a stadium and the first ever outdoor shows in the city.

Apart from the tiny acoustic club show in 1995 (and the first show in 1984) all previous gigs were played in indoor arenas.

And since 1992 all major shows played in the same venue (See Below).

17 Song Setlist

The same 17 song setlist played once more.

All three 'Diamond Star Halos' songs played in Melbourne for the first time.

Melbourne History

The first visit to Melbourne took place in February 1984 at Earls Court The Venue during the Pyromania tour.

The second visit in July 1992 saw them perform In The Round at the National Tennis Centre over two nights on the Adrenalize tour.

They would not return to the venue until November 2008 on the Songs From The Sparkle Lounge tour under the new name of Rod Laver Arena.

A small acoustic show took place before this on the Vault tour in November 1995.

They then returned to Rod Laver Arena in October 2011 on the Mirrorball tour.

And once again in November 2015 as part of a three date Australian tour.

They played the last show here in November 2018 at Rod Laver Arena on the Hysteria & More tour.

Last night's show was the 9th overall performance in Melbourne.

The next Def Leppard show takes place in - somewhere, sometime in 2024 (still to be confirmed/announced).

Melbourne, Australia 2023 Photos

Screenshots by dltourhistory.

Watch some Fan Videos from the show here.

Def Leppard 2023 Fan Videos.

Def Leppard - Melbourne, VIC, Australia 14th November 2023 Setlist

  • 01 - Take What You Want
  • 02 - Let's Get Rocked
  • 03 - Animal
  • 04 - Foolin'
  • 05 - Armageddon It
  • 06 - Kick
  • 07 - Love Bites
  • 08 - Promises
  • 09 - This Guitar (Semi-Acoustic)
  • 10 - When Love & Hate Collide (Short Acoustic/Electric Version)
  • 11 - Rocket (Single Version/Album Intro)
  • 12 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak
  • 13 - Switch 625 (instrumental)
  • 14 - Hysteria (Extended Outro)
  • 15 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • 16 - Rock Of Ages
  • 17 - Photograph

Joe Elliott - Foolin' Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much."

"Look at this place. Holy sh*t! this is great!"

"Can we have a big hand for Motley Crue who have been doing this with us for the last 17/18 months."

"We first met those guys back in 1983 when we released an album called Pyromania."

Joe Elliott - Kick Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much."

"Wow. It's been a while Melbourne. How have you been?."

"Five years I think it is since we were last here with the Scorpions I believe it was."

"Five years, five years too long."

"We didn't wanna be away for that amount of time. But as we all know. There was a little glitch in the world in 2020 called the Pandemic."

"Which meant that we couldn't come and say hi."

"But we're here now. So Hi!!!. But what were we gonna do. We're stuck at home. We can't come and visit."

"But what we could do though was record some new music. Which is exactly what we did."

"We wrote 15 songs and we put an album together called Diamond Star Halos!."

"Which just so you know whose highest chart position in the world was Australia!. Thank you."

"We'd love to play you the first song that we released from that album."

"This one's called K.I.C.K. Kick!."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Melbourne. What an amazing way to end this tour!."

"Thanks for having us. Thanks for coming."

"Thanks for waiting."

"We'll see you next time. We love ya. Thank you. Take care. Goodnight!."

"Once again Melbourne. Thank you so much."

"You guys have been f**king amazing. Thank you."

"Until next time. And there will be a next time!."

"Till then do us a big favour yeah."

"Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Goodnight!. Goodnight!."

"Smile at the camera!."


The Joe Elliott Show - 11th November 2023 Quotes

"Evening all and welcome once again to The Joe Elliott show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. This week it's coming to you all the way from Sydney in Australia. And can I just say we're staying at the Park Hyatt. It's an insanely fantastic hotel. And my room is looking straight at the Sydney Opera House. What an incredible way to end this tour. We did however fly in from Brisbane through an insane storm. It was pretty freaky. In fact it was pretty vicious. Just like this crowd. This is The Struts."

"Yes I highly recommend if you're on an air plane and you're stuck in a cloud going round in circles 'cause they can't land 'cause of the weather. Best not to look out the window. Yes watch something on your laptop, because that's exactly what I did. Take my mind off it. We did however come through and land safely thank goodness."

"And that my friends, all the way from Sydney in Australia, is about it for this week. In fact by the time we get together next week, this tour that Def Leppard have been on with Motley Crue for the best part of 18 months will be over. And we shall be taking a little bit of a break."

The Joe Elliott Show - 4th November 2023 Quote

"Evening all and welcome once again to The Joe Elliott show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. And greetings from Tokyo in Japan. Yes that's where I is right now. We have five shows left with Motley Crue. This is the last leg of a world tour that has lasted 18 months. So this is a bit of a celebration. We're really looking forward to these last five shows. It's gonna fly by. And then we're gonna miss those guys like crazy 'cause they've been such a blast to tour with.

"Next week I shall be coming to you all the way from Sydney in Australia. Crikey!.

Various Photos/Videos

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