Tuesday, 23rd May 2023
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Def Leppard 2023. Screenshots

Def Leppard another show on The World Tour 2023 last night in Sheffield, England with 17 songs performed.

The show took place at the 30,000 plus capacity Bramall Lane.

The first show back on The World Tour after the intimate live stream show at The Leadmill on 19th May.

The first time at this venue.

Time to get back outdoors again in a stadium.

The World Tour Resumes

The Leadmill show was amazing. For those in attendance and those watching online but now it was time for the big World Tour to get started again.

The weather for the area was good, sunshine and clear skies with memories of a June day back in the summer of 1993 (and not the summer of 2022).

Bramall Lane, home of "The Blades". Joe's beloved football team Sheffield United.

United but actually divided into two sections, blue or red.

Sav and his son Tyler decided to forget about being "Wednesday-ites" for one day and agree to play at the home of the rival team.

End Of UK Def Leppard Week

The week of major UK activity surrounding the release of 'Drastic Symphonies' and the 'Definitely' book came to a close with this show.

And The World Tour kicked off again in front off over 40,000 fans.

Sadly due to bad signal in the stadium it was a little (or a lot...) hard to follow online for those who weren't there.

A Triumphant Show

But the footage reveals that the gig was another triumphant one following the amazing performances at the BBC Piano Room show (with Emm Gryner) and The Leadmill live stream event.

Following the opening set by VIVAS (featuring Tyler Savage) and co-headliners Motley Crue (anything interesting happen with you guys since South America?...) it was time for the main event.

Def Leppard back to literally where it all began in November 1977.

Portland Works (aka The Spoon Factory) standing just up Randall Street and only two minutes walk from the end of the stadium where the stage stood.

17 Song Setlist

'Take What You Want' followed the usual show intro and pre-show playing of the 'Heroes' cover (still hinting at another new release?).

Joe wore a new version of his Union Jack jacket first seen when paying tribute to the Queen in Las Vegas 2022.

Only this time it was in full colour. Well red and black.

Vivian sporting shades the whole show.

Live Show Filming

A few cameras on cranes were spotted before the show suggesting more filming taking place.

This was then confirmed by Joe before WLAHC when he said "We're filming it tonight".

Steve Clark Tribute

Joe dedicated 'This Guitar' to the late great Steve Clark and his family members who were at the show including his mother Beryl and his brothers.

This follows his 'Wasted' guitar riff story from The Leadmill show on Friday.

And from the 'Gods Of War' tributes on the 201 Hysteria tour which included a triumphant show just up the road at the arena as they became Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees.

Diamond Star Halos In the UK

Following the UK live debuts for two songs from the 2022 'Diamond Star Halos' album on Friday in the form of 'Fire It Up' and 'Kick' the band brought the total of our at this show.

'Take What You Want' opened the show with its debut play in the UK.

Swiftly followed by 'This Guitar' with all four suitably debuted in the band's home city of Sheffield.

End Speech/Ian Hunter

Joe borrowed a line from the Ian Hunter song 'All the Way From Memphis' in his end speech.

Changing 'Liverpool Docks to the Hollywood Bowl' for 'Portland Works to Bramall Lane'.

Stadium Show #2

The second time the band have played in a stadium in their home city of Sheffield.

The first was of course in the now demolished Don Valley Stadium in June 1993.

That stadium standing not far from the Sheffield Arena venue where all of their major home city gigs have taken place since.

Until now as the band played in one of the cities two major football stadium for the first time.

And the biggest football stadium in the UK (and Ireland) is next up when they return to home shores in July.

The next Def Leppard show takes place on 25th May in Mönchengladbach, Germany home the Borussia Mönchengladbach football team.

Sheffield, England 2023 Photos

Screenshots by dltourhistory.

Watch some Fan Videos from the show here.

Def Leppard 2023 Fan Videos.

Def Leppard - Sheffield, England 22nd May 2023 Setlist

  • 01 - Take What You Want - UK Live Debut
  • 02 - Let's Get Rocked
  • 03 - Animal
  • 04 - Foolin'
  • 05 - Armageddon It
  • 06 - Kick
  • 07 - Love Bites
  • 08 - Promises
  • 09 - This Guitar (Semi-Acoustic) - UK Live Debut
  • 10 - When Love & Hate Collide (Short Acoustic/Electric Version)
  • 11 - Rocket (Single Version/Album Intro)
  • 12 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak
  • 13 - Switch 625 (instrumental)
  • 14 - Hysteria (Extended Outro)
  • 15 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • 16 - Rock Of Ages
  • 17 - Photograph

Joe Elliott - Let's Get Rocked Intro

"Good evening Sheffield!. Welcome to beautiful down town Bramall Lane."

"How we doing?. How we doing?!."

"I have another question for ya. Do ya wanna get rocked?."

Joe Elliott - Foolin' Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much."

"How we doing are we good?. Settling down. OK let's take you back to the album that broke us in the USA. Pyromania 1983."

Joe Elliott - Armageddon It Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much."

"Wow look at this. Monday night in Sheffield."

"All these years later here we are. Amazing!. Thanks for coming."

"And how about a nice big Sheffield, South Yorkshire welcome for the boy here who puts the fast in Belfast. All the way from Northern Ireland Mr. Vivian Campbell!."

Joe Elliott - Kick Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much Sheffield all those who have travelled to be here tonight."

"I know a lot of people have come from all over the world to this city where we were born in 1977."

"What a joy and a pleasure it is to bring it back here all these years later. In front of all these people."

"Of course as we all know last couple of years, three years or so has ben pretty tough because we couldn't come. We couldn't go anywhere 'cause of the pandemic."

"We were all stuck at home with nothing to do. Except we actually did. We had a plan and remotely we set about writing a new album."

"That album has been out about a year now. So it's not so new, but the album is Diamond Star Halos."

"We'd love to play you the first thing we released from that album actually about a year ago this month. This one's called K.I.C.K. Kick!."

Joe Elliott - Promises Intro

"Thank you. You guys look amazing out there. Thank you."

"Can I introduce to to somebody - all the way from Walthamstow in East End of London. Make some noise please for Mr. Phil Collen!."

Joe Elliott - This Guitar Intro

"You've all gone quiet. Are you OK out there?."

"First of all I'm gonna introduce everyone."

"Eventually. Cn we have the spotlight on this yougn man here please. Rick Allen! Give us a rock steady beat there Rick."

"Who's next?. We met at my Mum and Dad's house in Broomhill in August of 1977. 47 years ago. We've been best mates ever since on the bass guitar Mr. Rick Savage!."

"Once again this time with the acoustic on board. From Belfast in Northern Ireland Mr. Vivian Campbell!."

"And last but not least our honourary Yorkshireman from the East End of London Mr, Phil Collen."

"We go do ya this in a slightly different arrangement that how we recorded it. We're gonna play you another song from the Diamond Star Halos album."

"And just so you all know Steve's Mum is here tonight."

"She's called Beryl - So we're gonna dedicate this to Beryl and of course to Steve."

"This is called This Guitar."

Joe Elliott - When Love & Hate Collide Intro

"We're filming it tonight. We're filming it. So you can make noise and wave around."

"As I was saying before I was rudely - we shall edit that bit out. YThat was a newish one. This one not so much."

"You may know this if you do this one we'd love it if you sing along with us OK. OK?!."

Joe Elliott - Rock Of Ages Intro

"That's some noisy singing going on out there oh yeah!."

"What a great noise you guys are making. Do you think you can make a bit more?."

"A bit more?. For the boy at the back. Stand up Rick Allen!."

"As ever he shall introduce this one for ya."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Sheffield!. And wherever you have travelled from to be here tonight."

"Thanks for coming. Thanks for having us. Thanks for being here!."

"See you again. We love ya!."

"Thank you. Good night!."

"It's a mighty long way down rock and roll from Portland Works to Bramall Lane."

"47 years. Thank you for your support."

"Thank you for being our birth town."

"Sheffield will always be Def Leppard land. We love you so much. Thank you."


"Till next time. And there will be a next time!."

"See ya!."

Various Photos/Videos

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