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def leppard / All I Want Is Everything UK Single Chart Peak

on this day - 28th September 1996

On this day in Def Leppard history the 'All I Want Is Everything' single peaked at Number 3 in the UK rock chart.

Def Leppard 1996.

"It's actually about a man dying of AIDS."

Def Leppard 1996.

This section looks at the 'All I Want Is Everything' UK single chart peak. The third hit single to be taken from the 'Slang' album in the UK.

"Demoed as almost a country song."

Def Leppard's classic All I Want Is Everything single peaked at Number 38 in the UK charts on this day in 1996.

The third UK single to be released from the Slang album.

It had been released on 16th September 1996 as a 2 CD single set.

The song entered the chart at its peak position of Number 38 in the UK on this day.

It only spent two weeks on the chart falling to 56 in week two.

This song followed on from second single 'Work It Out' which reached Number 22 in July and 'Slang' reaching Number 17 in May.

The Fugees were at Number One on this day with their single 'Ready Or Not'.

Other notable rock acts on the chart included Metallica 'Hero Of The Day' (17) and Soundgarden 'Burden In My Hand' (33) - both new entries.

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Def Leppard 1996.

UK Singles Chart - 28th September 1996

  • 01 - Fugees - Ready Or Not
  • 02 - Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • 03 - Dina Carroll - Escaping
  • 04 - B.B.E. - Seven Days And One Week
  • 05 - Peter Andre - Flava
  • 38 - Def Leppard - All I Want Is Everything - (New Entry/Peak Position)

UK Rock And Metal Singles Chart - 28th September 1996

  • 01 - Metallica - Hero Of The Day - (New)
  • 02 - Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand - (New)
  • 03 - Def Leppard - All I Want Is Everything - (New Entry/Peak Position)
  • 04 - Iron Maiden - Virus - (New)
  • 05 - Bryan Adams - Let's Make A Night To Remember
  • 09 - Def Leppard - Work It Out - (12th week on chart)

Following two Number One Rock singles with 'Slang' and 'Work It Out', the third single from the album entered at Number 3 on this day.

It was prevented from reaching the top spot by Metallica and Soundgarden releasing singles on the same day.

'Work It Out' was currently at Number 9 in its 12th week on the chart.

Def Leppard 1996. Screenshot

Joe Elliott - 2014 Interview Quotes

"Demoed as almost a country song. All I Want Is Everything went through a lot of changes in the studio. As did most of the songs on the album. By the time it was finished it had almost a U2 like quality to it. Especially Vivian's guitar which is very Edge like."

"Lyrically it was summing up a lot of what the band was going through for the first time. Births, deaths, divorces. They were weird times that demanded a very sober lyric."

All I Want Is Everything - Song Description By Phil Collen 1996

"Joe's original demo almost sounded country and western. The first band version sounded like a mellow GNR, anyway we changed all of that."

"The weird thing about the album version was that while recording, we were still learning the song so it was very live and unrehearsed."

"After listening back to it the next day, we realized it had a certain magic and groove that we couldn't have improved on if we'd have spent five years on it."

"So we left it and added minimal overdubs. This approach was not used on every song of the album. In fact every song was its own little project. You know "horses for courses and all of that."

Def Leppard 1996. Screenshot

Rick Savage - 1996 Interview Quote

"It's actually about a man dying of AIDS. I can understand the interpretation of broken relationships. The connotation is much wider than that. He knows he's going to die and wanting to change everything that got him into that situation."

Def Leppard 1996.

All I Want Is Everything 1996.

Inner Sleeve Band Message - CD1

"In your hands is Part I of the latest single from the "Slang" collection, along with a few songs previously unreleased on any single. "When Saturday Comes" & "Jimmy's Theme" come from the motion picture "When Saturday Comes", a film based on two topics near and dear to us: Sheffield and football. When the producers of the picture came to Joe with the notion of penning a few tunes for the movie score, he immediately came up with both songs, and Phil & Sav joined him at his home studio to lay 'em down on tape."

"They appear on the soundtrack to the movie, but this is the first time they've been available on any singles. The last song is an edit of the original version of "All I Want Is Everything". We thought you might want to have a copy for yourselves, since it's probably the one you've been hearing on the radio."

Def Leppard 1996.

Def Leppard 1996. Screenshot

Inner Sleeve Band Message - CD2

"In your hands is Part II of the "All I Want Is Everything" single collection, complete with a few songs previously unreleased on any single.

"Cause We Ended As Lovers" and "Led Boots" were originally recorded by Phil and Viv, respectively, for the album, "Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle", a guitarists' tribute to Jeff Beck."

"The guys were pretty happy with how they turned out, and thought they'd make for some unique bonus songs for a single. The rest of us agreed, and now they're in your hands for you own enjoyment. (Rest same as CD1)".

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