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32 Years Ago BRIAN MAY Guests w/ DEF LEPPARD In London (Photos/Audio)

Def Leppard 1987. London 1987

Def Leppard played a Hysteria world tour show in London, England 32 years ago on this day in 1987 and a special guest joined them.

The show took place at Hammersmith Odeon and was the last of three nights.

The first time the band had ever played three nights at this venue where they had made their London debut in 1979 with Sammy Hagar.

Queen guitarist Brian May appeared on stage with the band for the second time after his first in September 1983 in Los Angeles.

He played on the Queen classic 'Now I'm here' which was added as the last encore song.

A special party was held at a nearby hotel afterwards to celebrate their sold out UK tour and the recent success of 'Hysteria' reaching Number One in the album chart.

Joe was interviewed the morning after on SKY TV's Monsters Of Rock show by journalist Mick Wall.

Read some quotes from various reviews and band member interviews.

And listen to Joe's full on stage introduction of Brian followed by the entire performance and end of show goodbyes. Brian took the first guitar solo with the second one played by Phil.

Joe Elliott - 9th September 1987 On Stage Quotes

Brian May/Now I'm Here Introduction

"Give yourselves a round of applause. Well I think I can safely say you're by far the best crowd we've had over the last three days. Now it's time for a surprise. We're gonna do something a little bit different and a little bit special. Ladies and gentleman will you please welcome probably one of the best guitarists ever to walk this planet. Mr. Brian May."

End Of Show

"Brian May!. Don't forgt us and we won't forget you alright?. Take care of yourselves. Goodnight."

Rick Allen - September 1987 Interview Quotes

Def Leppard are currently in the middle of a UK tour and you played at the Hammersmith Odeon last night. And the show had something of a surprise ending. It was a surprise to me, I'm sure you knew what was gonna happen. But someone came on stage did not they?.

"He's - Brian May is probably our biggest fan and we're probably his biggest fan. But it was. I mean for him to come up - if you can understand that I mean sort of early days of Def Leppard. That was sort of like - influence wise it was. I mean you've heard sort of Queen vocals and this that and the other. guitar sounds the whole bit. If you can understand that that is like for us is such an ego boost is getting somebody like Brian May up on stage. It was wonderful."

And you actually played a Queen song. An old Queen song that you played as well wasn't it. Brian's been on stage with you before because I came to see you in Los Angeles a few years back and got up on stage with you then as well.

"That's right we did Travellin' Band. A song by Creedence, Creedence Clearwater. So he's actually thinking about joining the band."

I understand that he also gave you each a complete set of Queen's back catalogue in CD form.

"Yes, you're quite right. You're quite right. Which is like what 16 albums or so."

Maybe you should invite him on stage more often and see what else he can come up with.

"Yeah I think so."

Def Leppard 1987. London 1987

Rick Savage/Rick Allen - September 1987 Interview Quotes

I think we should mention at this stage the reason we're all looking a little worse for wear today is because after your show at Hammersmith last night there was an informal gathering at a restaurant in London. Attended by many people including Spandau Ballet. Are you a fans of Spandau Ballet?.

Sav - "We're good friends with them."

Rick - "I wouldn't say fans but we like them as people."

Where did you meet up with them?.

Sav - "In Dublin when we were doing parts of the album for Hysteria. We were - they were recording and basically rehearsing in Dublin for quite a while. And at one stage it was great because there was ourselves, Spandau, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Thompson Twins and a couple of - some other people. And Dublin's not that big a city really. It was like a very confined space. It was great. We basically knew each other for six months and we had some great laughs. They're really nice people. Great guys."

Def Leppard 1987. London 1987

Joe Elliott - 10th September 1987 Interview Quotes

My guest this week is Mr. Joe Elliott. I should be asking him why it's taken him years to do his new album. And why it's gone straight to Number One and all that stuff but I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to ask you about this party we were at. It was a good party wasn't it?.

"It was great yeah. As you can tell. I think I got in an hour ago. Yeah it was good I enjoyed it."

I should explain to the viewers Def Leppard played their third night at Hammersmith Odeon in London last night. They had a big party afterwards. It's the first time you've ever been able to do three nights at Hammersmith.

"Yeah and they were all sold out which was nice. And they got better and better. The third night was the best."

You're definitely like the band of the moment aren't you?. Smash hit single. Number One album.

"We've become hip. It's very strange. It really is."

Do you think if I get a bit nearer to you I'll become hip too?

"No, you'll become hippie."

Def Leppard Hammersmith Odeon (Metal Hammer) - Concert Review Excerpts

The set?. Beautifully paced, and taken to heaven when Mr. Elliott announced the arrival for the final encore of "the best guitarist of our generation - Mr. Brian May", after which Leppard and one Queen flew through a version of 'Now I'm Here', from 'Sheer Heart Attack', with an exquisite solo from May and two thrashing rhythm guitarists backing him.

Ironic, it was probably the closest May ever got to reproducing the record version on stage. A great show - a near LEGENDARY one.

Def Leppard Hammersmith Odeon (Solid Rock) - Concert Review Excerpts

'Photograph' and 'Wasted' were delivered up for the ears, and for those lucky enough to be present on Leppard's last night at Hammersmith, Brian May assisted 'da Lepps' with a stunning version of the wondrous 'Now I'm Here'.

Def Leppard are certainly 'here' to stay.

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