Wednesday, 20th February 2019
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Last In Line 2019. Screenshot

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed ahead of Last In Line's second album release.

The album 'Last In Line II' will be released on 22nd February 2019 on CD, Digital and vinyl by Frontiers Records.

Vivian spoke to Amit Sharma on Music Radar ahead of the album release.

He talked about the band's history, second album title/band name, guitar equipment, Gary Moore, Jimmy Bain, recording guitar solos and guitar practice.

The band's current US tour continues on 23rd February in Miramar, FL.

Visit the Album News section for more news on new music (based on band member quotes).

Last In Line II 2019.

Music Radar - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Last In Line II Album

"And though it’s not the most original name, II fits perfectly. This really does sound like a band’s second album. I also think because we took our band name from the second Dio album, some people didn’t quite get us. Honestly, if I had known the band would get to this stage, I wouldn’t have called it Last In Line!”

Last In Line Guitar Sound

“With Last In Line, it’s the opposite: I need one sound. I can use the pickup switch and volume knobs on my Les Paul to keep it simple and organic. It’s a noisy rig, though… it sounds a bit like a Friday night in a Glasgow chip shop, haha! We play loud and noisy rock ’n’ roll; who said it should sound pretty?!”

Last In Line II Guitars

"My Dio-era Les Paul, number 72987537, was on every track and pretty much every solo, though I also used my new Les Paul Custom Shop model for a couple of things. Plus there were guitars in Jeff’s studio - like a 335, an old Gibson 12-string, a Strat for overdubs, but that was it. Everything mainly came from that Les Paul."

Last In Line II - Tracklisting

  • 01 - Intro - 1:04
  • 02 - Blackout The Sun - 3:55
  • 03 - Landslide - 4:57
  • 04 - Gods And Tyrants - 4:57
  • 05 - Year Of The Gun - 3:39
  • 06 - Give Up The Ghost - 4:45
  • 07 - The Unknown - 4:39
  • 08 - Sword From The Stone - 6:13
  • 09 - Electrified - 3:41
  • 10 - Love And War - 5:08
  • 11 - False Flag - 4:14
  • 12 - The Light - 5:12
  • 13 - Landslide (Acoustic) (Japan Only Bonus Track) - 4:57
  • DVD - Landslide (Music Video) (Japan Only Bonus) - 4:59
  • DVD - Last In Line II EPK Video (Japan Only Bonus) - 49:56
  • Catalogue Number - KIZC-511 (Japan)
  • Japanese Release Date - 20th February 2019
  • Worldwide Release Date - 22nd February 2019
  • Total Time - 52:25

Japanese edition features a bonus DVD with the 'Landslide' promo video and 'Last In Line II' album EPK video.

Buy 'Last In Line II' Online

Watch all the available videos so far and preview the album on this YouTube playlist along with interviews.

Last In Line II Videos.

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