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Saturday, 3rd September 2011

Phoenix, AZ - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By PG

I arrived at Ashley Pavillion in Phoenix about 30 minutes prior to the gates opening with much anticipation for the big show. I did notice the band decided to use the "Downstage Thrust" stage this time, which brought back memories of Vivian's "Thrusting" comments during an interview on Rockline with Bob Colburn in 2007. I could not help but laugh to myself while taking my seat on the lawn.

Evan Watson was the "opening act" for the opening act, Heart. He played a few guitar songs, with Vivian taking the stage during the second, which was somewhat of a surprise.

Heart took the stage around 7:30 pm, and despite not really being a fan of their music, I did enjoy the show. I had never seen them live, and at one point asked myself, "Hey, who let Pippi Longstocking on the keyboards????" Overall, the band seemed to be very animated for their age and played the usual assortment of hits, including the Led Zeppelin cover, Kashmir.

There was a brief intermission and the usual trek to the concession stands for more beer, which I did not partake.

At 9:30 pm, after AC/DC's, For Those About To Rock, the intro to Undefeated began. I must admit, the song is starting to grow on me, especially since I did not care for it all that much on the Mirrorball CD. Let's Get Rocked was next, along with Animal and Foolin'. I was glad they dropped Make Love Like a Man and was hoping to hear Let It Go as well, which did not happen, unfortunately. Love Bites followed and sounded great, with Viv doing his usual guitar solo at the very end. Sav did his customary bass solo for the intro to Rock On, a song I actually love hearing live. Rocket was next, which featured the extended guitar solos by both Viv and Phil. Joe introduced Two Steps Behind by asking the crowd if they'd like a "job opportunity" to join the band for the next 10 minutes. We gladly accepted, of course! Bringin' On the Heartbreak followed with the acoustic intro and electric ending.

Switch 625 was next, which, thankfully has been kept in the setlist for the past few tours. Hysteria, Armageddon It and Photograph were next which managed to fire up the crowd somewhat. Prior to Armageddon It, and introducing Viv, Joe commented on the "pot smell" inside the pavilion. He pointed to some poor soul in the front row and said, "Look, there's the culprit!!!" Pour Some Sugar On Me rounded out the setlist, with the slightly altered intro making it sound so much better than the album version. The band exited the stage with the lights drawn low, which of course meant waiting for the encore. A few minutes passed and the band re-emerged. Joe stated that it was 31 years ago when they played Phoenix live for the first time with the Scorpions. He proceeded to introduce Rick on the drums, which resulted in a HUGE ovation. Of course, Rick uttered those four little words that mean so much!!! Rock Of Ages finished off the show, with Joe stating that, "Until next timeā€¦.and THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!!!!!"

After the band thanked everyone for showing up and left the stage, they played Kings Of The World over the loudspeaker.

Another great show from the greatest rock band in the world.


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