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Friday, 24th August 2007

Tampa, FL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Paige PCS

With ILAA 5* Package I received Front Row 1 seat on the right hand side of the Thrust Stage. Here is my experience. I am directly in front of Sav's mic on the right and leaning again the thrust stage! I cried.

Styx was amazing! I must have waved at James and Tommy a million times! James kept winking at me smiling... I was in awe! I got picks from Tommy, James, and Ricky. I let mom have the thrust seat for the first two bands.

Foreigner was even better! I waved at Tom and Kelly a million times too! Tom said Hi to me :-D Then Kelly came running into the crowd and i grabbed his shoulder, lol. He grabbed my mom's hand later in the show... they were really great! I got picks from Tom, Mick, and Jeff. And then comes the moment of truth.

DEF LEPPARD! They came running out from the behind the stage and BOOM! It hit me. Im sitting dead center in front of Sav at this point. He is looking right down at me singing his heart out. By this time im screaming and crying hysterically.... I took a million pictures! I waved, blew kisses, and winked a Phil a hundred times! And he always returned the favor :-D Every time Phil or Viv came down the runway, they flung sweat on me so I had DL sweat all over me! Phil came over and bent down and put a pick in my hand! I screamed! AH! :-D He is a very strong man, he like grabbed my hand like i was falling off the side of a building and he was my rescuer.. lol ;) So I shoved the pick in my pocket, put my face into my palms, and bawled. it was amazing.. when i got myself together I looked up and there was Sav... i grabbed my sign it said "I *heart* Sav!", he looked at it and smiled and stuck his tongue out at me.... hehe! ;) I just smiled at him thinking, omg, L'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Finally Viv came toward me and I held up my other sign "Happy B-Day ViV" and looked at me and said thank you, hehe! i love it! he came back by and said hold on, and then threw a pick at me, it was a steel one.. i felt it hit my face and then dropping into my hands... hehe! I held up my Sav sign again and he winked at me and came over to me and put a pick in my hand! AH! I turned around screaming and jumping up and down.... I was stunned... I held it in my hand for the next 20 mins, then put it in my pocket for safe keeping..... Joe never really interacted with me, which made me a little upset. He touched everyone's hand then pulled it back when he came to me? uh! But I had the time of my life at that concert! AH! :-D


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