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Monday, 30th October 2005

Little Rock, AR - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Patti

The concert was awesome and the band rocked the house down! It started with Journey doing the set and in the middle Phil Collen who is a know fan of Journey's music came out on stage and jammed with them. it was awesome to see him up there jamming back and forth with Neal Schon! When Journey finished their set they came back out for an encore and did a couple more songs. Then they went to set up the Lep's stage for them.

Well not long after that the familiar intro anthem you always here when they come out by Queen started playing on the speakers and the crowd got all pumped up. The lights went out and in they came. Joe looked awesome and did a magnificent performance. Vivian was great and seemed to like showing off all his stage outfits to everyone. ~lol~ He always has been such a show off since I first got into him back when he played for Dio so go figure. Sav came out on stage in a black vest and pants and did an awesome Bass solo into Rock on! Rick Allen was just fabulous on his drum set and from what I noticed is playing a five piece kit if I am correct I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. Phil was just Awesome with his performance and was even having a blast on stage with his fellow band mates. This show was well worth going to and trust me you won't want to miss them while they are here in the US and I can guarantee those over in the UK will not be disappointed!

Fan Review - By Amy A

I was at the Little Rock show. Awesome, of course! I was in the front row, too! They get better every time I see them. As previously mentioned, Phil played a song with Journey, definitely a highlight. Another highlight for me was meeting Joe and Vivian. I had randomly picked a hotel on the internet and it turned out to be the one they were staying at. They were both very nice, of course, despite my ridiculous nervousness. I must say I also really liked the pyro. They only used it 3 or 4 times so it wasn't overdone. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, but it was much much cooler than I expected. There were flames that shot out from behind the stage right after they came out and it was HOT in the front row. I can't imagine what it feels like to them!.


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