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Monday, 7th November 2005

Spokane, WA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By T

Well what can I say, they were brilliant!!!! They looked fabulous and Joe's voice was interstellar!! They had a screen behind them that showed images of them and from the videos that associated with the song they were singing. It was very cool! The noise had to have registered on the richter scale, lol!!! They rocked the house, to be sure! Ricky and Bryan were good too. Ricky has improved in my humble opinion. This was the first time I have seen Bryan Adams in concert. But he certainly didn't compare to DL!! They could have easily played another hour and I would have been happy! I wish I could go to another show and can't wait for the next tour! Rise up, gather round, they rocked that place to the ground.

Fan Review - By Sisdudette

Well what can I say? They were the BEST! I haven't, and doubt I ever will, see a band that can put on a live show like Def Leppard! The energy, sound, looks (Ok, I mostly just watched Sav) WOW! I will be a fan forever. If you like their music at all you will be hooked by just one concert, they always give their all!.

Fan Review - By Keith

Last nites Concert in Spokane was better then ~X~ by a factor of 3-5!!!! of the absolute very best I've been 2, (all groups since 70, that's 1970), Joe was in tip top as were the rest.... Video screen was wonderful with all the retro Leppard intercut W/current & "Live" feeds..... Way worth the price......Totally! Place was ~PLUGGED~ MayB room 4, 50-80 people only.... Media seats opened that night & got 7th row ~RIGHT IN FRONT~!!! The set list was a lil different then "Their site"said, was so much better.... ALL old material cept 2 songs...... Long....went on 4 ever...2 me.... Man was worth the 2year 2month wait & I almost missed them..AGAIN!!!! I would not have wanted 2 know how truly Great this Xperience was should that have happened.


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