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Tuesday, 28th June 2005

Portland, ME - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Jo

YEAH! The Portland, Maine show was fabulous-the Leps never disappoint!

And a lot of people poured in as the Leps were hitting the stage as they were not Tesla fans and decided to skip their warm up performance. Too bad for them since Tesla thanked Def Leppard for boosting their career by taking (Tesla) on the road during the "Hysteria" tour.

Lead singer J.K. called the Leps Tesla's "big brothers" and said they loved DL "from the bottom of their hearts". J.K. went on to tell the crowd that the Leps were out back in their dressing rooms and that we should let them know we were waiting for them to come out and "blow the f*@#ing roof off the place"! So we all screamed/yelled our appreciation of their being in Maine. Too cool that these bands gel so well and show respect for each other!

With Tesla having warmed up the crowd for them at the Civic Center in Portland last night, Def Lep hit the stage running with Action. (A real crowd pleaser!) Though the place was not filled to capacity, we all did our best to make the guys feel right at home. Someone came prepared with a Union Jack flag for Joe-which he draped over his mic and thanked her for the gift.

They ripped thru 7 of their hits from "Hysteria" - with "Sugar" being the ender for the night. Blew the roof off with that one, they did!!

Their cover of David Essex's "Rock On" did indeed rock! I remember that song from when I was growing up and their version was far superior. Which I think any song they "cover" is much improved once it has been "Leppardized"! Phil and Viv's guitar work was astounding. The only time they "faltered" was when they were a little out of sync when (I think) their monitors failed them. Other than that- Sav was wonderful as well-loved his work on "Love Bites"! And Rick was so amazing. What a powerhouse of drumming energy and ability! The guys all looked GREAT! Joe's voice sounded a little "tattered" or "shredded", if you will-but they had just played another show the night before. Plus they keep adding tour dates, TV appearances and now Live 8 to their already bursting schedule!

The Portland crowd may have been somewhat small-but there were more fans at this show than during the "X" tour in the same venue. I am sure a lot of us couldn't believe how soon the show seemed to end. It could have gone on all night and I still would have wanted more music and commentary from Joe. What a great sense of humor-and a deep appreciation he (and all the Leps) has/have for us fans. It really shows!

Fan Review - By A 'RadioBabe' Point of View By Radiobabe

Expectations ran high, but there were no disappointments. This was going to be a high octane Def Leppard performance and that was clear from the start. Joe, wearing a faded black muscle t-shirt and leather pants, started the Action off it true booming Lep-Style. After performing “Action”, there wasn’t a quiet moment in the entire Cumberland County Civic Center. While my seats were in the screaming, obvious “Phil Section”, only 4 rows back, my memory doesn’t recall what Phil was wearing, as his was the first shirt to come off. However, it was a sheer delight to see the wide variety of guitars this legend uses. This man changes guitars more than the stars in my eyes. Phil kicking off the majority of the hits, brought us to the start of “No Matter What”, which I had thoroughly expected to be the highlight of the show. While not disappointed one ounce, I found myself in awe of the latest Lep Cover song, a sweet rendition of David Essex’ “Rock On”. The drama and lighting was absolutely perfect in this destined to be next “hit”.

Other Lep classics, which seem to be slightly forgotten, or placed in the reserves of our memories, until we see them performed live once again, rang throughout the entire auditorium. “Rocket” brought us back to the era, and kept the crowd screaming at the top of their singing lungs, as well as “Animal” and “Women”. As the girl next to me had tears streaming from her eyes while her favorite tune, “Hysteria”, echoed thru the arena, it was blatently obvious the 25 years of music these guys have pumped our way. This brings me to the political side of the show, which I found in very good taste. A subtle, yet truthful display of current and past events on the video screen, brought to life thru “Gods Of War”, the only song that may be able to capture the feeling. Where the politics lie, is in the eyes, or ears of the beholder, but I feel Joe captured it all w/ a quiet little whisper and hand gesture at the end, stating “Peace”.

As moved as I may have been in the moment, I was ready to keep rockin', and so were Vivian, Rick and the rest of the Leps. “Rock Of Ages”, the song, not to mention the theme of the tour, bounced everyone into delirium. Although the stage which seemed rather small, kept the band from moving about too much, it did not slow them down. These guys are up there for one reason only, to entertain, enlighten, intrigue, and flat ass Rock our world! Amongst such hits as “Women”, “Foolin’” , and the always favorite “Love Bites”, it was time for some interaction with the crowd. The acoustic guitars came out and “Two Steps Behind” came about. This is always an entertaining part of their show, when Joe gets to pick a few strings. This is also where we get to see Rick Savage shine, and I might add, never looking better, in his vest and flashy pants. This guy appears to be getting younger looking, and sounding ever so divine as the 25 years progress.

Vivian, who will ever remain the new guy, gave me a new appreciation, he is an audience player, seemingly in tune with every single person watching. Not to mention Viv’s never ending guitar skills, complimented next door, by the master, Phil Collen. Please don’t let me leave out the ever so talented Thunder-God, Mr. Rick Allen, who Joe jokingly mentioned during the night as being only 12, when they started out. Rick, wearing his Raven Drum Foundation t-shirt, had the biggest smile I have ever seen on one drummer, and it didn’t leave, not once. After 25 years together, it is clear to me why these guys play as one unit, complete appendages of each other. It’s natural in every movement, note, verse, and word. About as natural as the encore wrapping the show up with “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, which is where the roof may have come off the Civic Center.

I left this show, just like every other Def Leppard show, wanting more! I can’t wait for the next 25 years of Def Leppard.


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