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Saturday, 19th November 2005

Monterrey, Mexico - Fan Reviews

, Fan Review - By Carlos Gonzalez

I've never been on Monterrey city before and I couldn't think of a better reason to meet this place. After 11 hours on bus from Guadalajara to Monterrey during Friday night, I met with eddieleppard on Saturday morning and we were ready to chase the band all over the city.

We were making calls to all the people that could know the hotel where they were staying or could give us some clue. Some fans, including eddie, organized a meeting at a local bar Thursday night in Monterrey. All the airplane flights the band took for the Mexican shows were apparently private. So there was no chance to salute them at any of the airports, since these private airports don’t allow access. Between the goers to the meeting there was this guy who claimed to have a friend at the private airport in Monterrey. He called eddie Saturday morning to tell us the band would arrive at noon and then they would go to the Quinta Real hotel. He said the band took a flight from Mexico city to LA to attend to a private party at Friday night and then Saturday morning they took a plane to Monterrey. That’s what his friend at the private airport told him. I can’t confirm that. So, we went to the Quinta Real hotel. Rocío joined us at that point. We waited there for almost 2 hrs. and nothing. We went to the local tv station where there was this huge promotion about the concert the previous weeks and they didn’t know where the band could be at the moment. We went to the arena too. We were all over Monterrey trying to keep track of the band, but it was impossible.

So, we went for some beers, met with another people that attended the show too until it was time to go to the arena. I heard before that people in Monterrey usually buys tickets until the very last moment. We met with another fan from Torreon city. He could actually listen to the soundcheck. He says they played “Hysteria” and “Action”. The soundcheck was late (almost 8pm), so we thought the show would start late. And so it was. Although, it was a sold out show and a final attendance, according to 1 local newspaper, was 10,000 people. This figure gives us a total of 10, 000 people for every show in Mexico city. 3 sold out shows.

My seat was in the floor section of the arena, but was not one of the first section, but the 2nd one. So I was at the middle of the floor… It was a good view, but not excellent. Eddie had first row ticket on Vivian’s side. People was still arriving, late. Suddenly, it started an unexpected quest. I realized that, despite a lot of people was still arriving, the first row of my section was empty so I moved there. Simple as that. Better view, believe me. It’s kind of cheating, but nobody was hurt, haha… And that it didn’t stop there. Strategically, between Animal and Rock of Ages, when the lights went off, I trespassed to the 1st section of the floor with a smart and smooth movement (hehehehe), something really really discrete and clever, hehe… 1 second here, lights off, and the next second over there, like magic… and the next second, first row!!! hahahaha So, I enjoyed the 3 last songs not only in the first section, but in the first row. I even had better view than eddie those last 3 songs. Earlier I had told eddie that I had to be in the 1st row no matter what, hahahaha

About the songs: the most cheered songs were “Hysteria”, “Love Bites” and “Sugar”. During Phil’s solo voice in “Make love like a man” Phil was singing on Joe’s mic, and when he ended his part, Joe did a movement like giving phil a kiss. During “Hysteria” Joe added the little insert at the end of the song taken from Bowie’s “Heroes” as in the Storytellers show. Oh man, I really loved that. Vivian’s solo on “Love Bites” was superb! “Rock on” is a great track live. Not a lot people recognized it, but that song has its own magic and it was well received. “Promises” had a good response. The guitar battle on “Rocket” is simply excellent. It’s maybe the best part of the show. Right before the “Whole lotta love” part I noticed Phil had some problems with his guitar and changed it. He clearly was to continue doing the battle but had to change the guitar. Meanwhile Sav and Rick continued the rhythm, so Joe thought it was the moment to start the “Whole lotta love” since he was backstage and Phil couldn’t continue with the battle. But it worked fine.

The sound was better than in the 1st Mexico city show. It was louder. I still think it could be a little more louder than that, though. But it was definitely better than in Mexico city. Joe asked for an applause for the crew after he mentioned this was the last show of the tour. During “Foolin”, around 10 seconds in “Rocket” and at the very end of “sugar” there was some problems with joe’s mic. We couldn’t hear him. Don’t know what happened. But it was only in those moments.

There was a guy with a t shirt of the England national soccer team and the def leppard logo and #10 in the back. I tried to get one of those but I couldn’t. The most original souvenir I bought was this sign, like the traffic signs where is written the name of the street, and it says: Calle Def Leppard (street Def Leppard) with a yellow background and letters in black. Very cool!

Anyway, 1 thing lead to another: my first move gave a better view. The second one, gave me 1st section access and 1st row access, and that gave me the chance to get Vivian’s guitar pick. Opportunities don’t just happen; they’re built by yourself…

When the other DL shows in Monterrey took place the actual arena monterrey didn't exist. Its brand new. Although, the places were took places the other 2 shows are very closer to the arena. The first one in 93 was in the Fundidora Park gardens, just behind the parking lot of the actual arena. The auditorio cocacola, where it was the show in 97, is in the center of the speedway that surrounds the fundidora park. The arena is just aside the fundidora park. They have been all in different venues, but the 3 of them are next to the other.

, Fan Review - By Alfonso Rojas

ADIOS AMIGOS (Lepps last show in Monterrey) - The adrenaline was rushing with Guns 'n Roses Coma through the P.A, but when Queen's We will rock you started blasting our ears we knew something big was coming on. So after Queen´s song the lights went out and hysteria or historia? was unleashed. Opening with the powerful version of Action from that great band Sweet the audience was totally captured by the energy of the band; (hats off to Rick Allen's skills). and with a greatest hits gig and a 10,000 roaring fans the barriers of language swept away.

Let's get rocked, Hysteria, Promises, and the heavy Women added higher emotions to the Monterrey chantin' audience. One of the highlights was Rocket with great guitar solo effects courtesy from Phil and Viv - which it looks as if he had been with the band since the beginning - and interpolating Whole lotta love from the Gods Led Zeppelin.

So they finished the show with Rock of Ages just to comeback few minutes later with High 'n' Dry's Let it go and Pour some sugar on me and Joe Elliott thankin' the Mty audience with a "don't forget us 'cause we won't forget you" and leaving us wanting for more.

, Fan Review - By Rosio R

9.00 P.M. At the Arena Monterrey: Seated with my hair done, my awesome blouse, with a beer on my hand, waiting. 9.20 P.M. "We will rock you" By Queen. Here is when I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach, in any second the band would appear at the stage, and they did. I couldn't believe it: Action!!!! Everyone, from 40 and 45 years old people with their kids, but also people of 17, 18, 20, 25, 29, 32 years old, cheering, singing, everyone with their hands up, on their feeth. 10,000 excited people. For the record: No one was seated during the whole concert.

The crowd went crazy with "Let's get rocked" and "Make love like a man". I had this terrible feeling that they were very fast, like being in a hurry, Joe said something like "Buenus Noches" They followed with "Foolin'" Then; not just me, but a lot of girls started to cry at the very first chords of "Hysteria" I couldn't sing I cried during the whole song. The next song was "Promises" followed by the unforgettable "Love bites" everyone started to jump when they played "Armageddon it" "Women" (awesome) "Rock on" and the best was yet to come when they played "Rocket" During this song, there was an incredible guitar duel by Viv and Phill and the classic extended "Whole Lotta Love" The next song was "Photograph" "Animal" and the best performance I've ever seen of "Rock of Ages" At the finish of this song, the lights went off and the band dissapeared from the stage. The encore of the whole Arena was tumbling the place "Otra,otra, otra" (another). I thought: "It's too early for an encore" remembering Joe said: "The difference between the concerts with Bryan A. and the concerts of México is that we'll have the chance to play more songs"

OK, they appeared again to play not more, not less than "Let it go" wow that was amazing, it was a brilliant surprise. Finally they finished with the classic "Pour some sugar on me" It was a good ending but the concert was too brief, maybe Joe felt bad. Sav said very warm words to the people, that was such a great feeling (muacs! chiquito, precioso, chulo) and the always smiling face of Rick is the best reward after just hearing his drumming and finally we saw him when he appeared in the middle of the stage thanking the people. (I wasn't too close to the stage)

The stage was simple, but they don't need a great stage, they're great musicians and that's enough, but I was expecting more songs, like Gods of war, Slang (they didn't play it) and maybe a surprise with Wasted. After all, it was the very end of the tour.

Joe said as ultimate words: "Don't forget us and we won't forget you, see you next time" While Phil, Viv, Rick and Sav were shaking hands with the people of the first row. Ok, Joe, I won't forget you. I hope next time you play more songs, but please, don't make me wait for another 8 years.


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