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Saturday, 12th November 2005

Irvine, CA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Joan

I think I've made this remark every time that I've seen Def Leppard live, but it's true, they just keep getting better and better. Last night at Verizon Wireless in Irvine, they were spot on in every regard. Joe's voice has always been amazing to me, but last night it sounded stronger and clearer than ever before. The sound mix was also excellent, which had been my only complaint on the X tour.

It was really cold last night, but once Def Leppard came on we were on our feet from the first note and I forgot about how cold I was. Bryan Adams had said earlier that he had on double t-shirts and that he could see his breath coming out. Joe remarked that it was colder than a witch's tit. lol.

The band seemed to feed off the energy of the crowd and I think they were really pleased with the response. It was packed. There was even seating in the lawn area this time, which they don't use for every show. When I looked through binoculars at several points in the show, I noticed that Rick Allen had a continual smile on his face. At the end when the band was about to leave the stage and everyone was cheering, I noticed that Joe high fived Sav and they both looked really happy about how the show went. After 25 years they've still got it goin' on. I only wish they could have played longer.

I've never been a big Bryan Adams fan, like some of his early songs, but I have to admit he put on a really good show. He has a good stage presence and a lot of personality. Ricky put on a good show, as always, but it was a short set.

All in all, it was another great night and I can't wait 'til next time. I feel really lucky that I've experienced so many next times with Def Leppard.

Fan Review - By Dana

This has been my third Leppard concert in 2005 and what a show! I will never tire of seeing them perform. There is a magic and beauty about them which simply can't be duplicated by anyone else. They all sounded wonderful and looked great as always. It was very cold outdoors in Irvine, but once they hit the stage we heated up very fast! I couldn't keep still, dancing my heart out.

There is good reason why Rick is called the Thundergod, he played so vigorously last night and with a big smile on his face the whole show! Sav ran around the stage so much, lots of bang lifts and beautiful smiles. Vivian and Phil were awesome as well, and Vivian doing his knee bends just like on Live8 which is so cool to watch! Joe is such an amazing frontman, covering the entire stage the way he does. Encouraging us to keep singing, screaming, dancing and when we're not loud enough for him he stands up there with his arms crossed, shaking his head "Not good enough." Then jumps up on the drum riser and demands our fullest outburst! I love it!

The songs all sounded so good, No Matter What was super tight and loud! It always gets the audience dancing and really going. Rock On is so awesome the way Joe starts out on the drum riser, in very dim lighting, then the song explodes! Promises which is one of my favorite songs was as good as ever! Hysteria is so smooth and such a beautiful song, the audience was really into that one. The first song of the encore Bringin On the Heartbreak received a huge cheer when the intro started. One of the highlights for me was during Photograph when Joe sings "You've gone straight to my head.." he held that last note out until the very end, and very strong. That was exciting! The show as always went too fast, I know that everyone there was trying to savor every drop of it. I can't wait until Summer of 2006!.

Fan Review - By David Greene

It sure was a bit nippy in Irvine last night coming in from Palm Desert but w/a t-shirt on under my navy long sleeve Rick Allen t-shirt (from djtees in england)I was warm enough.This show was far superior than the San Bernardino show earlier this summer and I think even better than Irvine 10/23 which was purley awesome.My friends,you can tell the band is on the verge of getting back on or pretty darn close to the top of the rock world.

The best songs for me were:Rock On,Promises and Rocket;however all were excellent at this fantastic outdoor venue.Bryan Adams was dynamite(his slane castle show was on tv a few nights ago)-I was glad to see him since I did not get the oppty to see him in "San Berdo".Ricky Warwick was solid for his brief performance.

Driving the 2 hour drive home I played the Man-Raze CD and it just gets better each time,even the mix which I am no fan of mixes. I await the YEAH Tour!!

Thanks Darren as always for this outstanding site of yours.

Fan Review - By Lori

The guys were in top form, they rocked from beginning to end. They opened with Action and closed with Pour Some Sugar. They also did Rock On and No Mattter What from the Yeah cd. Rick had a constant smile and played Let It Go better now with one arm then he did back in the day with two, Phil looked and sounded great (like always) he and Viv brought the beautiful noise coming from their guitars to life. Sav was full of energy, all over the stage and plucking every chord on his bass with an animalistic vibe and Joe hit every note on every song known to any and all Def Leppard fans, he was money all the way through. These guys have many more years of touring and performing left in their blood.


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