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Thursday, 24th April 2003

Fan Review - By Kenny

Well, what can I say. Great show. The sound was tight and the day off the boys had the day before seemed to help them out. I don't ever think I've seen Joe move around like he did last night. Phil and Viv's playing was excellent.

Ricky Warwick was better than I thought he would be. Not sure why he has to drop so many F-bombs. He dropped more of those in 25 minutes than Joe did during their entire set. Did like "Three Sides to Every Story" where Viv came out and played.

"Now" and "Four Letter Word" are GREAT live. "Long Long Way To Go" was ok but it probably needs to be played acoustic. This was my first time to hear "Promises" live and it was great as well. Was a little disappointed not to get the High and Dry set list, but there is always next time. Was also disappointed that they have seemed to drop "Your So Beautiful" from the setlist. Crowd was really into it and I would estimate the crowd at 6500-7000.

Catch them if you can. You wont be disappointed.

Fan Review - By Ed

Hey guys...Ed Batton here from panama city. Last night, April 24th, I had the best time! I hauled ass to Pensacola Civic Center to catch Def Leppard live, for the first time. Well, first let me say I had a blast. when I first arrived, I had a roadie give me his parking space (which saved me the hassle in driving further away). second, I was able to switch seats to get a closer look at the boys in action. I ended up landing my ass in a seat with girls all around me. Lets just say I was in heaven. hahaha

Ricky Warwick started out the concert performing like 5 song from his albums. I have to say he was pretty damn good. best wishes and success Rick. Vivian Campbell came out and jammed with Rick during his last song. of course i was yelling, "shred it Vivian!!"

As soon as def leppard came out the crowd went completely nuts. the light show was spectacular and the band was in full tune. They played the following songs: women, rocket, animal, pour some sugar on me, armegeddon it, hysteria, rock rock (till you drop), photograph, too late for love, foolin', rock of ages, lets get rocked, and brigin' on the heartbreak. **three of these songs were encores**

Finally, I arrived home at 1am and totally felt tired but totally pumped. I had the privilege in dancing with this "talented" lady next to me during most of the songs and interacting with some cool chicks in front of me. I guess they were suprised a guy knew most the words to the songs. hahahaha once again the show kicked ass!!! thanks guys for one hell of a show and I will definitely c ya next time.

Fan Review - By idgraf

Well you have seen the set list - what a great show. I've been lookin around on other shows set-list and this is the first time I've seen Too Late For Love played live, man was I excited when the played that. I agree with someone earlier Long Long Way ToGo should be played acoustic, sad but hardly no one knew the song and Joe dedicated to the troops in Iraq, I did enjoy hearing Now n 4 letter word live - first time for those - I thought this was by the far the best live set list I have ever seen by DL, and I cant wait to see them in Texas again in June.

By the way i'm 30 - went with my wife and we had the best time - would've like to seen a better/more familiar opening act wasn't too into Peter Warwick - as my wife called him. But when the first notes of Let It Go hit - it was all forgotten - GREAT SHOW!!!! Sorry to see them leave, man was i rockin !!!.


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