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def leppard / Adrenalize 13-Day Club Tour Start In Madrid

on this day - 19th May 1992

On this day in Def Leppard history the 'Adrenalize' 13-Day club tour started in Madrid, Spain.
A series of warm-up shows in small venues before the main world tour.

Def Leppard 1992.

"We're actually going back into the clubs."

Def Leppard 1992.

This section looks at the 'Adrenalize' 13-Day club tour opening night in Madrid, Spain. The start of a short warm-up tour ahead of the 17-month long world tour.

"We just thought it would be a really neat thing to do."

Def Leppard started their 13-Day Adrenalize club tour of Europe on this day in 1992 in Madrid, Spain.

The show took place at Sala Canciller.

The band's first visit to Madrid since April 1988 on the 'Hysteria' tour.

The start of the '13-Day' club tour where the band played small intimate club shows as a warm-up for the main 'Adrenalize' world tour.

The show were also seen as a way to break in 'new guy' Vivian Campbell.

The shows were very low-key and only announced days before they happened via the fan club and local press.

No support act was used only the band running through most of the set they'd play on the upcoming tour.

The short tour would see the band play shows in 9 countries - Spain, France (x2), Germany (x4), Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Holland.

Only Holland would not be played again on the main world tour.

A number of TV appearances would also be made during this leg performing on various 'Top Of The Pops' like shows with playback performances.

Three tracks from 'Adrenalize' were played for the first time at this show. 'Make Love Like A Man', 'White Lightning' and 'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad'.

Phil played a guitar solo before 'White Lightning' to be followed later in the set by Vivian who would also play a four minute solo before 'Gods Of War'.

This would be followed by the new extended version of 'Rocket' which was also making it's live debut.

'BOTH' would be played in a new form starting off acoustically and including an electric solo, with Rick joining in on drums, before ending acoustically.

The stage/lighting were minimal and Joe never made any long speeches.

These shows gained rave reviews from long-time journalists who cited them as some of the best performances they'd witnessed from the band.

Def Leppard 1992.

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Joe Elliott - March 1992 Interview Quotes

"Touring plans?. We're gonna rehearse for all of April. March sorry, most of April."

"We're gonna do a European tour. We're actually going back into the clubs. We're gonna do clubs in Europe for about three weeks."

"Just to get ourselves back into it. We haven't toured for a long time and we just thought it would be a really neat thing to do."

"Rather than go straight back out in front of 20,000 people. That's if they're still ot there. Hopefully they are."

"But we figured like we're gonna just go in the clubs and we're gonna break a lot of the new songs in and it's nice to do it in a small way."

"We did it on a lesser scale on the last album. We went out and did six or seven shows round Ireland and we did a couple of shows in Holland."

"And it was a good way of just breaking the songs in in front of people."

"So we're doing it this time but we're gonna do it, again, but we're gonna do it for three weeks."

Def Leppard 1992.

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Joe Elliott - 1992 Interview Quotes

"When we played our first gig, it was like Vivian had always been in the band - Def Leppard Mach II. It was very strange in fact, because I didn't expect it to be that comfortable, especially since we were replacing a guy who died, not one we fired and all hated or something."

"I would be very surprised if the fans didn't accept Vivian. I mean, what do they expect? We can't bring Steve back. Steve was loved very much by everyone in the band, but we had the advantage of having 18 months since he died, so time had healed some of the wounds."

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Joe Elliott - 19th May 1992 On Stage Quotes

Before Tear It Down

"We're in Madrid. We're gonna Tear It Down!."

Before Women

"Well thank you very much. Gracias. It's good to be back. We've been away for too long. So we're gonna stay with you for a while tonight."

"We're gonna do you some new stuff. And we're gonna do you some old stuff."

"This next one's from the Hysteria album. It goes something like this."

Before Hysteria

"Thank you. Gracias."

Before Make Love Like A Man

"Whoo!. What's the Spanish for f**king hot?. 'Cause whatever it is that's exactly what it is. Just give me a minute. We'd like to play you what is gonna be our brand new single. This one's called Make Love Like A Man!."

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Before Foolin'

"Gracias. Muchos Gracias."

Before Armageddon It

"Thank you. Thank you very much. So what do you think. You think we should liven it up a little bit shall we?. Here's a little bit of a boppy one for you."

Vivian Campbell/Gods Of War Introduction

"Thank you very much. Thank you. So as you, can everybody understand what I'm saying?. I must make sincere apologies my Spanish is terrible. So I shall be speaking in English all night."

"I know like three Spanish words. Muchos Gracias. Mucho Bueno."

"You may have read in some of your Rock magazines. A lot of things happened while we were making the Hysteria album and one of those things...we had a bit of a line up change." (Audio recording cut parts of this speech out)

"I wanna introduce you to the new guy in the band Mr. Vivian Campbell."

Def Leppard 1992.

Before Bringin' On The Heartbreak

"Thank you very much. This is sort of like MTV Unplugged alright. Sort of. I'm covered in fluff. The hazard of a brand new towel. OK if you don't mind us indulging for a little while in a couple of slow songs."

"Later on we're gonna do you one off the new album."

"Right now we're gonna do you one that's a little bit older. And this is a little bit different to the one you've probably heard before. So bear with us."

Before Photograph

"Gracias. OK you wanna rock and roll a little bit?. Bit more uptempo yeah?. Yeah?!. I guess you guys know what you want. ."

Before PSSOM

"Thank you. Alright we wanna see some hands in the air. Come on. ."

Before Let's Get Rocked

"Thank you very much.."

"I got a question for ya. Do ya wanna get rocked?."

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

End Of Main Set

"Thank you. Goodnight we'll see you again. Take care."

"Thank you very much. We'll see you soon alright look after yourselves. Adios."

Before Love Bites

"Thank you very much. I'm gonna get a little bit self indulgent before we start this song. I'd like to dedicate this song to Roger and Miyoko Love who've been helping us out for the last ten days. So thanks guys. You made a big difference."

Before Rock Of Ages

"Thank you."

"Alright we're going off again after this one and we ain't coming back."

"So this is your last chance to sing. Your last chance to wave your arms around. Let's see some hands up come on."

"Come on!. Are you ready to do some singing?. Alright you've got the general idea."

"Get your hands up come on. Are you ready?. Alright stop!."

"Gooooo. I got something to say...."

End Of Show

"Thanks for having us. See you soon. Goodnight!."

Note - The band left the stage to chants of "Leppard! Leppard!" and "Ole! Ole! Ole!".

Vivian Campbell - 29th May 1992 Interview Quote

"With Def Leppard it's a little different. In fact it's a lot different because Def Leppard is notorious as being one of those real band situations where they kind of grew up together and went through thick and thin. So that's a much more rewarding situation than just being a guitar player in someone's band."

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