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DEF LEPPARD Early Years Box Update/Record Store Day/2020 Vision Video Reissues

Def Leppard 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed last week and gave more details on many exciting releases planned for 2020.

Joe was speaking with DJ Eddie Trunk on his Trunk Nation show on 20th December to promote The Stadium Tour.

During the lengthy (and very newsworthy chat) he mentioned a few more details about the Early Years box set.

Joe talked about his time at home with family, 2020 tour, Down 'n' Outz album, potential DNO shows in 2020, Goodnight Mr. Jones David Bowie Tribute, Stadium tour 2020 ticket sales, Motley Crue/Poison Band Disfunction, Co-Headlining/Set Times, The Stadium Tour Production, A proper biopic on the Def Leppard story?, 40th Anniversary OTTN Release, Record Store Day 2020/Videos Reissues, New Def Leppard Songs and the 2015 self-titled album.

Early Years Box Set

Joe confirmed it will include reissues of the first two studio albums, the Oxford 1980 live show and other bonus material.

The online listings of this release mentioned in November included five discs and release dates for both February and then March before the listings were removed by Amazon UK.

Record Store Day 2020

He also announced plans for an "exciting" Record Store Day 2020 release.

2020 Vision Reissue Series

And, perhaps most interesting of all, was his mention of an upcoming reissue series project called 2020 Vision.

Joe says the band plan to upgrade many of their past video releases in much higher quality with new sound/new mixes added.

Joe says much of their visual output will be remastered and have new audio added. He also alludes to unreleased material being out out.

This might include (finally) the full Don Valley Stadium show in 5.1 surround sound that he first mentioned in a June 2006 interview but never got released in the end.

The only upcoming thing he didn't mention it seems is the Sin City Residency DVD. But the mention of visual releases might also indicate the documentary footage filmed throughout 2018 and the London O2 Arena filming in December 2018 may also get released at some point as this series of releases starts.

Listen to the full 55 minute interview below.

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Trunk Nation - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

40th Anniversary OTTN Release

"Well yeah The Early Years box set will be out in the first quarter. So sometime between January and April. I'm not sure of the exact date. We're doing like the first two albums with bonus material and there's a live recording from Oxford New Theatre in the UK. From April 1980 which is actually astounding."

"I'd forgotten about it. I just didn't realise, you know, how good it was. And listening to the two armed Rick Allen and Sav, I mean what a tight rhythm section they are. They were then but they still are now. But even back then they were and Pete and Steve Clark. Pete Willis/Steve Clark were a great combination in those days, they really worked well you know."

"And as I said in the liner notes. You peer through the curtain of uncertainty that was my voice back in those days. You can hear the beginnings of a really great band, you know. So we've got that."

Record Store Day 2020

"There's something special pencilled in for Record Store Day which I believe is April as well. So there's a lot of activity coming out."

2020 Vision Videos Reissues

"With it being 2020. we very cleverly started a campaign called 2020 Vision where we're gonna be re-releasing of our past video product in much better condition than it was originally released."

"In other words no hissy VHS tapes any more but cleaned up, 5.1 surround sound, remixes on the sound of live stuff. Live things that have never seen the light of day before other than brief TV appearances, you know."

"So there's a lot of stuff coming out next year where we're tidying up the back catalogue. So we can move on to doing something new which will be great."

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