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DEF LEPPARD's Collection Volume Three Box Set Coming In 2019

Def Leppard 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed recently about the new Down 'n' Outz album and mentioned the next box set.

Joe spoke to Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, GA to promote the new Down 'n' Outz album.

Joe talked about Rick Savage/Down 'n' Outz, band history, Side Projects, Friendship With Brian May, Def Leppard-Brian May Recordings/Collection Three Box Set, Hysteria-Era Ripped Jeans, CMT Crossroads With Taylor Swift and Def Leppard's Unique Style.

Joe mentioned a forthcoming box set (presumably in time for Christmas) which would be the third in the Collection series first started in June 2017 with Collection Volume One covering the first four albums of the 1980s.

Collection Volume Two was issued in June 2019 and featured the four 1990s studio albums.

The first box set featured the 1983 L.A. Forum recording of 'Travellin' Band'. The second did not include the 1992 'Now I'm Here' recording from the Freddie Tribute even though it was part of the 1992/1993 B-Sides and on the original 'Adrenalize' Deluxe Edition.

'Collection Volume Three' should include the albums 'X/Ten', 'YEAH! and 'Songs From The Sparkle Lounge' all released in the 2000s.

As for the three recordings Joe mentions featuring Brian May. These could be 'Now I'm Here' from 1992 along with two others recorded in 2003 and 2006.

Brian performed 'Tie Your Mother Down' in October 2003 in London during the X/Ten tour and then in May 2006 performed on '20th Century Boy' in Las Vegas and the VH1 Rock Honours show.

The only other performance with the band was in September 1987 in London on the Hysteria tour where the first played 'Now I'm Here'.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

Joe's part starts at 36:10 mins in and lasts until 48:50 mins of the 2 hour 10 minute show.

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Bailey And Southside - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Rick Savage/Down 'n' Outz/Side Projects

"Absolutely not upset about it. In fact Rick Savage actually told me, he says it's one of the best records he's heard for many a year. I mean so that's compliment enough he wasn't like what are you doing this stuff for?."

Friendship With Brian May

"The trifecta we don't really belong in. But it exists through fan worship and just, you know, time I suppose. Mott The Hoople toured in '74 with Queen. In fact the only band Queen ever opened for was Mott. So Brian and Ian go back a long way. Then it just turns out that Brian May is a big Def Leppard fan and obviously we grew up as Queen fans."

"So we first met Brian in '81. He got up onstage with us at the LA Forum in 1983. And since that date, you know, I used to live near Brian. We used to go out to dinner. We've hung out. He inducted us into the RockWalk of Fame in Hollywood. You know you put your hands in the cement and stuff. 20 years ago."

"We've known him for a long time. We've played on stage together. We did the Freddie Mercury Tribute show. So there's a long, long love with Def Leppard and Brian May there anyway. So when we were being inducted the logic was that we'd ask Brian if he would induct us and he just jumped at it. And then by coincidence, it really was coincidence because the ceremony this year was in Brooklyn not in Cleveland. Ian and Mott The Hoople were rehearsing just over the bridge. And I just got hold of him and I said will you get up and play with us because I can't see an All-Star Jam at the end of this year's Hall Of Fame with us and The Cure and Radiohead. I just didn't see it happening."

"So we figured we'd just make our own. And it was full circle because All the Young Dudes is like my favourite song of all time. It's the song that for our generation that kicked it all off. So for us to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame and close out the ceremony doing that song with Brian May and Ian Hunter. And the if you looked along the line there was Rod Argent, Colin Bluntstone, Susanna Hoffs, Stevie from Springsteen's band. Phil Manzenera from Roxy Music all wanting to get up and sing the chorus because that song connected people from all genres of music. It was a great night. it really was."

Def Leppard-Brian May Recordings/Collection Three Box Set

"Well there are recordings. In fact we're putting a box set out soon that's gonna have about three songs with us and Brian May, but they're all live. We never went into the studio with these guys or anything like that 'cause our paths always crossed either socially or they'd be on tour and we'd go and see them or vice versa."

"But like I said in 1983 Brian got up with us at the L.A. Forum and we did Travellin' Band a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival which is, it's available. It's on the bonus disc of the re-release of Pyromania from a few years ago. We did some VH1 show in 2005 with Brian. 2006 maybe where he did 20th Century Boy with us by T. Rex. And of course he played with us at the Freddie Mercury gig before he went out with Queen. He got up and did Now I'm Here with Def Leppard."

"So you know we've done a lot of stuff. He's been on stage with us a bunch of times and we've played together and hung out you know. but there's no secret recording sessions that were done in a studio or anything like that."

CMT Crossroads With Taylor Swift

"We did an entire show of songs with her. She did about five of ours. We did about five of hers. I mean I got to duet Love Story with her. You know one of her big songs from when she first started out. It was quite simple actually. It was a case of social media doing its job, you know, in a positive way. Instead of people just trolling at stuff. Or negative comments under every video that you make."

"We were just doing our thing one day and a guy walked in with his laptop open facing us saying have you read this article?. And we went what article?. It's Taylor Swift. She's talking about there's only one band that she'd ever do Crossroads with and it's Def Leppard. And we just looked at each other and said well let's get in contact with her then."

"You know and we did and six months later we were doing the show together. It was all done, it was like a four day kind of in and out job. it was great. Two days full on rehearsals with her and her band. And we shot it over two nights. And then we did the Country Music awards with her about six months after that. And it was an incredible experience because she's such a fan. Her Mum was a huge fan. I mean she was born in '89. So she was in the womb listening to Pyromania. Sorry listening to Hysteria and when she came out I guess her Mum carried on playing it through her childhood and, you know, even though she was country based she still liked a bit of rock and roll and all those vocal harmonies are very popular among the country artists."

"You know from Taylor Swift to Tim McGraw, Keith Urban. Zac Brown. Alison Krauss, huge fans of us for some reason but not so much all the other rock bands. You know I think it's the fact that our vocal harmonies are kinda similar in style to country music."

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