Friday, 10th November 2017
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RICK ALLEN On DEF LEPPARD's Band Chemistry/Friendship (Audio)

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Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen has been interviewed by Atlanta radio ahead of his two art exhibitions tomorrow.

Rick spoke to Bailey And Southside of Rock 100.5 radio in Atlanta, GA.

He was speaking ahead of his two art exhibition events on US Veterans day on 11th November.

Phil was interviewed on the same show in January.

Rick talked about his art exhibitions, artwork, Def Leppard side projects, time off, his family, PTSD/working with veterans, Pyromania, car accident story, returning to the band, friendship, Slang album, Rocket, PSSOM, touring with other bands, Aerosmith, The Who, Poison, band chemistry, Steve Clark, Joe Elliott, 80s lifestyle, his first show, Def Leppard's sound/Mutt Lange and Pete Willis.

Listen to the full 29 minute interview video below.

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Rock 100.5 - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Def Leppard Side Projects

"Everybody's got - I mean Joe's got Down 'n' Outz. He's got a million different projects on the go. Musical projects on the go. You know Phil, he's got his blues project. I mean he's another one, he's always busy. Actually Phil did some great painting recently. He did these really cool sneakers and he does a similar sort of painting on some of his guitars as well. And then Vivian of course, he's got his Riverdogs and everybody's got a bunch of projects on the go."

Def Leppard Friendship

"Absolutely when we're sitting around in a room and you know it's like: 'Well why are we doing this again?'. And you look at each other and it's like 'cause we like each other. ."

You hear about bands with separate tour buses

"It's kinda BS you know. If you wanna do this you've gotta realise the chemistry of the people that you're in the band with you know. And just how we all work together and that we're the best when we're together."

Favourite?/Slang Album/Rocket

"It changes but I love the album Slang. Yeah, it was really a cool record to make."

Touring With Other Bands/Aerosmith/The Who

"Just recently we were down in South America. We just actually got back like a couple, maybe three weeks ago. And we actually played alongside Aerosmith and that was insane. I mean being that close, up close to them and seeing them put on a show, man!."

"We;re fans you know what I mean?. And then we got to open up for The Who and that was insane. Again standing there watching these guys do their thing. It was a total inspiration."

Band Chemistry

"I guess Def Leppard are pretty unique. We've been through highs, lows. But honestly I think it's the lows that really pull us back together."

Steve Clark

"We were all close to Steve, but I was particularly close - me and Phil were really close to Steve. Part of me regrets not being more forceful and saying: 'Dude you've gotta get this together'. But then I didn't want to because I thought that it would put pressure on him and I thought that the situation would get worse."

Joe Elliott As A Frontman

"No he started out playing drums and I don't know whether it's that that kept him grounded or just the fact that he's comfortable in his own skin. We've all got really cool home lives. We've all got you know kids. I think that's part of it. I think it keeps us all sort of grounded."

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