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Rick Allen Says Vivian Campbell Is Doing Great - Audio

Friday, 30th January 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently spoke to Talking Metal about gave an update on Vivian Campbell's health.

Rick talked about his Angel And Icons art collection, the Raven Drum Foundation, the upcoming art events, Vivian's health, 2015 studio album, Mutt Lange and Pete Willis.

Listen to the full 20 minute interview below from 10:22 mins in until 30mins.

Joe explained in December 2014 that Vivian was recovering well. Something he backed up last week when talking to Eddie Trunk.

Talking Metal - Rick Allen Interview Quote

How is Vivian doing?

"Vivian's doing great. I got an email the other day from him. And he was just saying you know how well things were going. So that is a huge relief to all of us as you can imagine. And I think whenever anything like this happens within Def Leppard - You know I mean we've had many ups and downs as you know. Including my own experience - I think what happens is we just get - we get closer. You know and we ask the question well Why are we doing this?. And the answer is always because we like each other. And you know we're working for this long together it's like a band of brothers you know what I mean. So we're very fortunate to have each other. So we're just very happy that Vivian's doing so well."

Eddie Trunk - Vivian Campbell 20th January 2015 Interview Quotes

"Well I seem to be in a good spot at the moment. You know you can never be too certain with these things cause they can come creeping back. But after three rounds of chemo over the last two years - I did a Stem Cell transplant in October. And the first follow up cat scan that I did on New Year's Eve came back really, really good. There's no sign of the tumours."

"So I am hopeful that you know we're on the right path now so. I mean that's certainly the way I've been thinking you know. I'm not letting it concern me at all. But you know continually for the next few years I'll be doing more scans and follow ups and stuff just to make sure. But I'm certainly feeling healthy you know."