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Rick Allen Talks About Mutt Lange And Pete Willis

Friday, 30th January 2015

Mutt Lange 1989.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was recently interviewed by Talking Metal and he talked about Mutt Lange and Pete Willis.

Rick talked about his Angel And Icons art collection, the Raven Drum Foundation, , the upcoming art events, Vivian's health, 2015 studio album, Mutt Lange and Pete Willis.

Listen to the full 20 minute interview below from 10:22 mins in until 30mins.

It's clear from Rick's words that he doesn't keep in touch with Pete as he's actually been out of the music industry since the late 90s. He gave an interview to Classic Rock Magazine in 2002 where he stated he was not planning to record again and was running a property management company in Sheffield with his wife.

Phil Collen worked on a song with Mutt in recent years and talked about this in a 2012 interview but the song remains unreleased.

As of October 2014 Mutt is producing the latest album from UK band Muse.

Talking Metal - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Would you ever consider working with Mutt Lange again?

"I'd love to work with Mutt again. But I'm not sure we could spend the amount of time in the studio that we have - that we spent in the past with Mutt. I think we're - we like to work in a sort of a quicker sort of way. And I mean it would be fantastic to do a few songs with him. But I'm not sure we could actually do a whole record with him. Plus Mutt is so talented and he's so in demand and so busy that I'm not sure if it would work out for either party. But having said that we've kept in touch with Mutt over the years and he's always there for us. You know whenever we need to -whenever we need a sounding board."

Do you ever hear from Pete Willis?

"Yeah. He's back in Sheffield you know he's doing well. He seems to do well when he's in a studio situation as opposed to you know going out in a live situation. You know all of the bands that he's put together. You know when it comes to that crucial - that critical time when it's time for him to go out on the road. It seems to affect him in a way where he can't sort of. You know he can't push through to the next step. Which is you know performing live in front of an audience. So there may be an issue with stage fright. I saw him in the early days really suffer - really struggle with stage fright. So you know I wish him all the best. And you know I hope he's doing great."