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Rick Allen Says New Album Is 85-90 Percent Finished - Audio

Friday, 30th January 2015

Rick Allen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently spoke to Talking Metal about gave an update on the 2015 studio album.

Rick talked about his Angel And Icons art collection, the Raven Drum Foundation, , the upcoming art events, Vivian's health, 2015 studio album, Mutt Lange and Pete Willis.

Listen to the full 20 minute interview below from 10:22 mins in until 30mins.

Vivian Campbell mentioned he had travelled to Dublin on Sunday 25th January to attend the final recording session for the album. The band will finish up the guitars, backing vocals and Joe's lead vocals in this session before mixing takes place.

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Talking Metal - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Studio Album - How far along into the recording process are you?

"We carved out like three good long sessions where we all got together. And within those time periods we were able to put about 16 songs together and as of right now they're probably more or less about 85 to 90 percent finished. Some of them even more so. Some of them are just about ready to present you know. So we're really excited about it you know it's been a - it's been a really nice project. It's been good getting together the way that we did in the studio you know. Over the years we tended to rely more on technology and sending you know - sending files to one another. You know for the other person to - to finish off. You know where somebody could but actually getting together in a room and all being together in that way is incredibly you know - incredibly valuable and really creative."

What style can we expect from the new music?

"It's difficult to say. I mean - you know we continue to pay homage to out roots. You know what inspired us to play music in the first place. You know a lot of the band that we grew up listening to during the 70s. I think it's a wonderful mixture of everything that inspired us and everything that we've done. So I think people will hear many, many different influences within the music that they hear."

Self Producing or working with a certain producer?

"Ronan McHugh. He's produced quite a few records over the years and he also does our live sound. So we spend a lot of time with Ronan. And I think because he knows us so well. He's to a point now where he just kind of knows what we want. And you know everybody has an input and there's always - there's always room for improvement or you know a certain perception of how you want it to sound. And he's the guy that is able to translate you know whatever it is we want into the finished thing. So we're very fortunate to have Ronan."