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Joe Elliott Says Recent Health Issues Have Now Cleared Up

Friday, 27th November 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard members Phil Collen and Joe Elliott were interviewed for the All Access radio special and mentioned Joe's health.

The 50 minute radio special is being broadcast on US radio over the next few days and already has been in some states.

They talked about making new music, how the album was started, Let's Go/Invincible, no songs sounding alike on the album, the song titles being used already by other artists, Man Enough, not caring what people thought about the album, Vivian's health issues during recording and how it influenced the band, Joe recovering from his recent health issues, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, the 2016 winter and Summer tours and the possibility of shows elsewhere around the world and how they want the new album to be judged.

During the interview Joe talked about his recent health issues and that they had now cleared up - before starting the Japanese tour. His issues were aggravated by the fumes at the Sturgis biker rally show in early August.

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All Access - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

His Recent Vocal/Health Issues

"The 73 date tour of Canada, the USA and Europe that we just did has gone. And we move on. I was suffering a little bit. I had just discovered only two weeks ago that the whole summer tour from about the end of July, I believe it was, I've been suffering from mycoplasma pneumonia. Which is not a great thing when you're a singer. You know you can probably get away with it if you're playing the bass or playing the guitar and not singing or something. But it was a little tricky to negotiate all that kind of stuff going off in your throat. Luckily I think it's cleared up which is great. Which gives me a much better run at what we're about to do."

"But it's four shows in Japan, three shows in Australia. A couple of days off. Singapore and then we've got a week or so before the ten date British tour. then a month off for Christmas and New Year. But this is what we do. I mean we didn't join a band to sit around in a studio all day you know. I mean nobody ever did that when they were 12. They didn't go I can't wait to get into Abbey Road or some shed. You know you saw Slade or T. Rex or Bowie on Top Of The Pops and you went. I'll have some of that, you know. It was playing in front of people that was the attraction in the first place. As long as you time manage it well. And these days you have to because we're one of those kind of bands that - these days you know families etc like that. You've got to balance your home life with your professional life. If you can walk that fine tight rope there's no reason you can't go on like the Rolling Stones and The Who have."

The New Album Recording

"So we got together in my studio in Dublin and we started working on these new songs. And what we were doing was initially just the five of us sitting around with iPhones and cassette players and just playing each other our ideas. And of course you know it goes through that Leppard kind of mixer and we were all going OK we like that one, that's cool. So put that in the yes pile. And we ended up with a yes pile of 12. And so we thought OK this is interesting. Again, we weren't really thinking about an album. But by the time we'd got some meat on the bones of some of these skeletal ideas of what we'd got going. We did come to the conclusion that how are we gonna pick three from this 12. And then some of us were obviously thinking. Well, why do we have to?. You know so then it was like. Well, we're all in the head space of like I think we're making an album."