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News - Joe Elliott Confirms Def Leppard Slang Double CD/Vinyl Reissue

Saturday, 25th August 2012


Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott today confirmed the reissue of the 1996 Slang album in a few months time on his Planet Rock radio show.

The reissue has been talked about during the past year by both Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell. The last mention was in June when Phil said it will be out on iTunes later this year.

Joe has now confirmed the release himself with mention of it being available on both double CD and vinyl. Also included will be bonus tracks with at least one new song (see Previous Album News). Joe played the 1999 Euphoria B-Side 'Burnout' at the end of the show and revealed it had been recorded during the 1995/1996 Slang sessions. 'World Collide', the Slang-era sounding B-Side to 'Promises' seems another likely candidate for inclusion.

Note - the version of Burnout sounded exactly the same as the one released as the B-Side to 'Goodbye' in 1999. An interesting fact about this song is that is was one of the few at the time to be credited to the whole band, including Rick Allen.

All previous updates on this release and new music can be found in the Album News section.

The Joe Elliott Show 25th August 2012 - Joe Elliott Slang Reissue Quotes

"And till next Saturday at six O'Clock I'm gonna leave you with a track from the Def Leppard Slang sessions of 1995/96."

"You may be interested to know that in a few months time we are re-releasing Slang as a double vinyl, a double CD with loads and loads of different mixes, bonus tracks and all sorts of stuff."

"But until then here's a little teaser. This is a track that was originally just a B-Side. This one's called Burnout. Until next Saturday at six O'Clock take care of yourselves. Goodnight."

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