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def leppard songs played live 2015

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A listing of all the known songs played by Def Leppard during the 2015 world tour.

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - main songs played

Total Songs Played - 23

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - full cover songs played

Total Covers Played - 1

01 Ziggy Stardust (acoustic) By David Bowie.

An acoustic version of 'Ziggy Stardust' played during the 'Hysteria On The High Seas' cruise in tribute to David Bowie.

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - cover song snippet played

Total Snippets Played - 1

01 Heroes (Hysteria) By David Bowie at all shows.

A few lines from David Bowie's classic 'Heroes' sung by Joe during the end of 'Hysteria'. He sang the lines "I wish I could swim. Like dolphins, like dolphins can swim.". Lines that have been sung on and off during the same song since the 1999 Euphoria tour.

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - cover song acoustic snippets played

Total Snippets Played - 10

01 The Needle And The Damage Done By Neil Young in Victoria, BC.
02 Sweet Home Alabama By Lynyrd Skynyrd in Birmingham, AL.
03 More Than A Feeling By Boston in Mansfield/Boston, MA.
04 Woodstock By Joni Mitchell in Bethel, NY.
05 Ziggy Stardust By David Bowie in Noblesville, IN.
06 The Flame By Cheap Trick in St. Louis, MO.
07 Wild Horses By Rolling Stones at multiple shows.
08 San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers...) By John Phillips in Mountain View.
09 Lola By The Kinks in Los Angeles.
10 Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles in San Diego.

Various acoustic snippets played by Joe Elliott before 'Two Steps Behind'. Sometimes a few seconds but mostly just over a minute in length with a few lines sung.

Snippets/Tags - Lines from another song added by Joe during/at the end of a Def Leppard song.

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - last song played (PA)

Songs Played - 2

01 Won't Get Fooled Again By The Who at multiple shows.
02 Shoot To Thrill By AC/DC at all shows.

The last song played on the PA before the show started. A song by The Who from their 'Who's Next' album and a song by AC/DC from their classic 1980 album 'Back In Black'.

Def Leppard Tour 2015.

def leppard tour 2015 - end song played (PA)

Songs Played - 1

01 Kings Of The World Mirrorball (Live & More)

The song played on the PA after the show had ended. The studio version of 'Kings Of The World' which was played as the crowd exited the venues.

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