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Pyromania (1983)

Pyromania 1983.

  • UK Release Date - 28th February 1983.
  • US Release Date - 20th January 1983.
  • Album Type - Studio Album.
  • Formats - CD/LP/CASS.
  • Producer/Mixed By - Robert John 'Mutt' Lange.
  • Engineers - Mike Shipley/Nigel Green (uncredited).
  • Assistant Engineers - Bryan 'Chuck' New (Battery)/Craig 'Too Loud For Boys' Thomson (Park Gate).
  • Keyboards/CMI Fairlight Computer - Programmed By John Kongos @ Tapestry Studios, London.
  • Keyboards - Booker T. Boffin aka Thomas Dolby (@ Tapestry Studios).
  • Guitar Backing Tracks On All Songs - Pete Willis.
  • Backing Vocals - The Lepprardettes (Def Leppard/Mutt Lange/Rocky Newton (Lionheart).
  • Backing Vocals - The Lepprardettes (Wilson-Slesser/Chris Thompson/Pete 'Overend' Watts (Mott The Hoople).
  • Rock Of Ages Handclaps - Russell Major/Charlie (road crew).
  • Management - Q Prime Inc (formed in late 1982-Peter Mensch/Cliff Burnstein).
  • Mastered By - Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk.
  • Front Cover Illustration - Bernard Gudynas.
  • Back Cover Photograph - David Landslide.
  • Album Sleeve Concept And Design - Satori (Andie Airfix).
  • Recorded - Between bouts of World Cup Soccer.
  • Studio - Park Gate Studios, Battle, Sussex, England (Basic Tracks).
  • Studio - Battery Studios, London, England (Overdubs/Mixdown).
  • Additional Studios - Roundhouse Studios/Jacobs Studios/Tapestry Studios.
  • UK Record Label - Vertigo.
  • US Record Label - Island/Mercury.
  • Side A Etched Message - 'If You're Gonna Be A Bear'-around label on UK Vinyl (VERS2).
  • Side B Etched Message - 'Be A Grizzly'-around label on UK Vinyl (VERS2).
  • UK Chart - 18 (12th March 1983/8 weeks on chart)
  • US Chart - 2 (14th May 1983/122 weeks on chart)

Album Notes By dltourhistory

The third studio album released by the band. This was a breakthrough album for the band especially in North America. It featured four singles including 'Photograph' and 'Rock Of Ages', still a major part of the live show. In the USA the album was number two for six months - second only to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. Still the world's biggest selling album.

Mutt Lange used innovative new production techniques to create a multilayered sound never heard before. For the first time he also got songwriting credits and helped the band with the arrangements. Pete Willis left the band halfway through to be replaced by Phil Collen whose solos can be heard on many of the albums key tracks like 'Photograph' and 'Stagefright'. Various guests appeared as part of the backing vocalists, nicknamed The Leppardettes, alongside the band and Mutt. Thomas Dolby played keyboards under an alias as he was unable to use his name for contractual reasons. The Satori design group were used for the first time on the cover design.

The extra instrumental track at the end of 'Billy's Bot A Gun' has been called either 'The March Of The Dreaded Zultrons' or 'The March Of The Wooden Zombies' by different band members. The sound is Rick Allen putting random numbers into a Linn drum machine, later added to by the band and Mutt. The original UK vinyl, like previous albums, had another misspelled/humurous message etched on the disc by the label. One Side 1 "If You're Gonna Be A Bear" and Side 2 "Be A Grizzly". A reference to the struggle of making of the album, also used in the movie 'The Cannonball Run'. The inner sleeve jacket was red with VERS2 in white writing on the top right corner.

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