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def leppard songs played live 1996/1997

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A listing of all the known songs played by Def Leppard during the 1996/1997 Slang world tour.

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - main songs played

Total Songs Played - 32

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - B-Side/Non album tracks

Songs Played - 1

01 Move With Me Slowly (acoustic) Work It Out

The B-Side of the 'Work It Out' single played at a special acoustic show in London for contest winners.

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - full cover songs

Songs Played - 2

01 All The Young Dudes By Mott The Hoople in Exeter
02 Ziggy Stardust By David Bowie in Buenos Aires

Full electric cover versions played during headline performances on the main tour and at club shows. 'All the Young Dudes' was performed in England and also with Ian Hunter in the USA (see below).

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - cover song snippets/tags

Songs Played - 9

01 Back In Black (Rock Of Ages) By AC/DC in Vienna.
02 Louie Louie (Rock Of Ages) By Richard Berry/The Kingsmen in Vienna.
03 Wild Thing (Rock Of Ages) By The Troggs multiple times.
04 All Right Now (Rock Of Ages) By Free multiple times.
05 Every Breath You Take (Hysteria) By The Police multiple times.
06 Blockbuster (Slang) By Sweet in Sheffield.
07 Fire (Rock Of Ages) By The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.
08 Honky Tonk Woman (Rock Of Ages) By Rolling Stones in Sheffield.
09 Pretty Vacant (Another Hit And Run) By Sex Pistols in Exeter/Buenos Aires.

Various tags/snippets by Joe during electric songs. Usually tagged onto the beginning, middle or end of a song. 'Pretty Vacant' was played during the mid section of 'Another Hit And Run' at two club shows in England (1996) and Argentina (1997).

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - cover song acoustic snippets

Songs Played - 7

01 Going Back To Sendai Improv By Vivian in Sendai.
02 Live Forever By Oasis multiple times.
03 Come As You Are By Nirvana in Tokyo/Rio De Janeiro.
04 Born To Be Wild By Steppenwolf in Sendai (Phil).
05 Bad Moon Rising By Creedence Clearwater Revival in Milwaukee.
06 Knocking On Heaven's Door/Betty Ford By Bob Dylan multiple times.
07 Better Be Home Soon By Crowded House in Vienna/Bogota (Vivian).

Various acoustic snippets played (mostly by Joe) before 'Two Steps Behind'. Vivian performed an improvised song in Sendai, Japan and also took lead vocals on two short snippets of a Crowded House song in Austria/Colombia. Something he would do again many years later in 2008.

At various shows Joe would jokingly modify the famous Bob Dylan song 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' to 'Knocking On Betty Ford'.

Snippets/Tags - Lines from another song added by Joe during/at the end of a Def Leppard song.

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1996/1997 - special guests

Songs Played - 2

01 All The Young Dudes w/ Ian Hunter in Middletown.
02 Slang w/ Gloria Flores in San Diego.

Guest artists appearing on stage with Def Leppard during their headline performances. These included Ian Hunter appearing on stage with the band for the first time singing lead vocals on 'All The Young Dudes'. Gloria Flores also sang Spanish vocals for 'Slang' from side stage in San Diego. Reprising her role on the studio version.

Slang Tour 1996.

def leppard tour 1997 - playback only

Songs Played - 1

01 When Saturday Comes On Irish TV in October 1997.

A playback only performance of the B-Side 'When Saturday Comes' on The Late Late Show on 17th October 1997. Joe was seen sporting his dreadlocks hairdo which he got during The Spiders From Mars tour in August 1997.

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