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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Historia/In The Round-In Your Face (2002)

Historia/In The Round-In Your Face 2002.

  • UK Release Date - 23rd September 2002
  • US Release Date - 26th February 2002
  • Original UK VHS Release - 4th July 1988 (Historia)
  • Original US VHS Release - 5th July 1988 (Historia)
  • Original UK VHS Release - 8th September 1989 (In The Round-In Your Face)
  • Format - DVD
  • Extras - Discography
  • Extras - 9 minute Band Interview - Playing Live/Shooting Videos/Pushing Limits
  • Extras - 3 Slang Videos: Slang/Work It Out/All I Want Is Everything
  • Extras - 2 Euphoria Videos: Promises/Goodbye
  • ITR-IYF Live Location - McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO, USA

DVD Notes By dltourhistory

'Historia/In The Round-In Your Face' was released in February/September 2002 along with 'Visualize/Video Archive'. Grouping together the four long form VHS tapes the band had put out from 1988 to 1995.

This release featured five bonus promo videos from the 'Slang' and 'Euphoria' albums. Plus bonus interviews from backstage in New York during the summer 2000 tour. The interviews on this DVD are different to the other package.

In The Round-In Your Face 1989.

In The Round-In Your Face

'Live: In The Round-In Your Face' was released in September 1989. The first ever concert video release from the band featuring highlights from two nights filmed in Denver during the Hysteria world tour. It showcased the unique In The Round stage. Extra footage was also filmed in Atlanta later in the tour - mostly extra crowd close-up shots.

In The Round-In Your Face - Back Cover Synopsis

Well, here it is - the final piece of the 'Hysteria' puzzle (so to speak). First the album, then the 227 date world tour, then the 'Historia' video collection and now a movie of 2 great nights in Denver (with a little help from 3 equally great nights in Atlanta).

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed playing this show. Playing in the middle of the arena was a challenge for us every night as well as a challenge for Wayne Isham who directed this concert movie. No one had ever quite dealt with this setup before! For those of you who missed the show, fear not, it shall return in the near future (with a couple of modifications). Until then, enjoy 'In The Round - In Your Face'.

Historia 1988.


'Historia' was released in July 1988 as the bands first ever video compilation on VHS. It contained fifteen promo videos and three TV performances. It coincided in the UK with the release of the fifth single from the 'Hysteria' album, 'Love Bites'. The video for which was included on the tape as a bonus, playing after the main video credits ended.

Historia - Back Cover Synopsis

After 9 years and 4 albums worth of songs which have been filmed and videoed, we felt it was about time to compile all these clips into one handy video collection. Further research into the archives unearthed 17 videos of 15 different songs spanning all of our albums.

We have endeavoured to bring you the complete range of Def Leppard video experiences, starting with an obscure recording of 'Hello America' from our first album through to the TV performances of 1980, 1983 and 1984 which few of you have ever seen.

Then there are the 6 videos we did for 'Hysteria' and the videos we made with different band members, ending with 2 songs filmed in concert in 'the round' at Denver, Colorado in 1988.

So we strung every bit of film together in date order, added a bit of explanation as to the 'whys' and 'wherefores', and called it 'HISTORIA'.

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