Tuesday, 20th August 2019
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DEF LEPPARD's RICK ALLEN On Charity Work/Painting (Video)

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Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed in Las Vegas recently during the current Sin City Residency.

Rick spoke to Voice Of The Vet whilst in Las Vegas at his Planet Hollywood art exhibit.

He talked about his PTSD, working with Veterans, charity work, meeting vets backstage at DL shows and his drumming.

Watch the full 6 minute interview below.

And you will notice Rick's Legends series now includes a new portrait of Freddie Mercury.

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Voice Of The Vets - Rick Allen Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)


"I've been inspired many times by vets. And it becomes a...I've done a lot of work on myself. You know my PTSD, but everybody's got different ways of dealing with it and I think the more ways you're exposed to it becomes this two way street where they learn from me and I learn from them. And it's a nice set up."

"So as I say it's mutual. I get a lot of inspiration from my vets. So giving a portion of my artwork to Project Resiliency is the least I can do."

Backstage Events

"Yeah we do really nice warrior gatherings backstage, you know, at Def Leppard shows. We really want them to come along with families, care givers, you name it, and just have a really good time. But some of the talks we have. We don't allow any cameras, nothing like that. And I tell my story and then we go round the room and everybody introduces themselves. tells a little biy of their story and it's...it really, it really touches you. You know when you hear about some of the things that some of these people have been through. Some things I wish I'd never heard. But having heard them, you know, it just reinforces my commitment to raven Drum, Project Resiliency and the fact that a good portion of of everything that's sold here goes to Veteran programmes."

His Artwork

"Ever since I was a kid and then I discovered music. So I put more of my time into music and photography. And then when my youngest daughter was born. She's around somewhere, the girl on a swing over there. She inspired me to start painting again 'cause, you know, she's just right in the moment. No rules she just goes about it and it's kind of a similar place to where I go when I play music. So it's like you know what I could apply that to painting."

Def Leppard 2019.

Def Leppard 2019 The Sin City Residency

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