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Vivian Campbell Gives Update On Joe Elliott's Health

Monday, 8th February 2016

Vivian Campbell 2015.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed recently by Eddie Trunk and mentioned Joe's vocal issues again.

Vivian and the rest of Last In Line talk about Jimmy Bain and their new album 'Heavy Crown' plus Def Leppard and Joe's illness.

Vivian goes into details about how he met Jimmy Bain and his history with him in DIO and Last In Line.

Listen to the full 90 minute show below. Vivian's part starts at 35.37 mins in after Andrew Freeman has talked.

This interview was broadcast on 4th February.

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Eddie Trunk Live - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Def Leppard Tour Postponement

"Yeah we're gonna try and reschedule those for May. Is what we're looking at. And you know it was - it was a case of cutting our losses you know. Joe was trying to struggle through this situation he has and he saw a doctor in Miami right after the cruise. And kinda was led to believe that he could continue you know and kind of sing through it and it would just - he'd get through the worst of it. And then in Orlando the other day he went to see a specialist who stuck a camera down his throat and told him that if he didn't stop singing now he was gonna do irreparable damage."

"So you know it was unfortunate. I mean and that's why it was so last minute because literally we had the rest of us. You know Sav and Rick and Phil and myself were on stage soundchecking in Orlando at about 4pm on Saturday afternoon while Joe was at the doctor. He came back and he told us the news you know. So we just - we kinda had no choice you know. I know a lot of people were very disappointed as indeed we are. But you know we wanna continue with Leppard and hopefully you know have some successful live shows in years to come. So we kind of really had to do this. Take some time off. And it's been a really, really long year. I mean we toured pretty extensively last year. We did I think it was 102 shows in 2015 which was a lot for us. And you know that's the way it rolls."

Joe Elliott's Health

"No he doesn't. Fortunately he does not need to do surgery. It's just really fatigue. I can't remember the exact medical term for it but basically about 50 percent of his vocal cords are just in such a state that if he doesn't stop now he's gonna screw up 100 percent of them. So the doctor that he did see, the specialist, that he did see is very confident that if he just doesn't sing for a few months he'll be all right. So it's not like he needs a procedure. There's no nodes on his vocal cords or anything like that. It hasn't gotten to that stage."

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