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Joe Elliott Says His Voice Will Be Great After Four Weeks Rest

Saturday, 6th February 2016

Sunrise, FL 2016.
Screenshot by dltouristory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has said his voice will be fine after three to four weeks rest on his radio show earlier tonight.

Joe spoke during the intro to his show which is currently playing on Planet Rock radio in the UK.

Referencing the postponement he said " it's all gonna be great" and that he will likely take a holiday "in the sun" while he rests his voice for up to four weeks.

Joe mentions footballer Jamie Vardy who is currently the top scorer in the English Premier League. His team Leicester City are also top of the league.

Vivian had talked about Joe's vocal cord problem earlier this week and also said he would be fine with a few weeks rest.

All ten shows scheduled in February were postponed on 1st February after two had already been affected at the end of January.

Vivian also said the band hope to reschedule all shows in May when they are also due to perform at a festival on Orlando, FL.

The Joe Elliott Show - 6th February 2016 Quotes

"So how come I'm able to do a radio show when Def Leppard have just had to postpone some shows because of my voice?. Let me explain. Or should I give you a analogy. Imagine Jamie Vardy with a bruised foot. Yes, he can still go to the supermarket. He can still take his dog for a walk. Can he play on a Saturday afternoon?. Not for about three of four weeks maybe. And that's exactly where I am folks right now. Talking voice is fine. Singing voice needs a bit of a rest. So on that note. Just to let you all know it's all gonna be great."

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