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Phil Collen Talks Second Delta Deep Album/Xmas Single

Sunday, 15th November 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed last month by Jorge Botas of Metal Global and mentioned Delta Deep.

Phil talked about the US tour, the band's popularity in the USA, the new self titled album, Man Enough, Blind Faith and other new songs, rehearsing multiple new songs, the UK tour, a second residency, Delta Deep - second album/Christmas single, his Adrenalized autobiography and his health and fitness on tour.

Phil mentions the new Delta Deep Christmas single called 'Take Me Home For Christmas' which he revealed in October during a radio interview.

The interview was done 16th October in Columbia, SC just before the end of the US tour.

Listen to the full 19 minute interview via the show link below. Phil starts talking at 10 mins in after 'Dangerous' and 'Let's Go' are played.

'Man Enough' is played at around 30 mins into the podcast to end the interview.

Metal Global - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Delta Deep Christmas Song/New Music?

"Yeah we've got pretty much almost a second albums worth of material. We recorded a song. This...jazz - it really sounds like 1930s/40s jazz. But we're releasing it as a Christmas single. And Robert Deleo and Forrest Robinson are doing the drums and bass. I think next week and I won't even be there because I've gotta go to Vegas to do this TV show with Joe."

"So they're gonna do that and we'll get that out but yeah we're gonna plan on a second album. And also you know touring. We have to tour. We've only done two shows and they were great. You know we played LA and New York. So it's just very hard with Def Leppard working so much and Robert being in the Stone Temple Pilots and they've even been doing lots of gigs. So it's hard to get the time."