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Joe Elliott Says New Album Is Interesting And Varied - Audio

Saturday, 21st February 2015

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Gloria Johnson of KGON 92.3 radio yesterday and talked about the new studio album.

Joe talked about the 2015 tour in Canada, Europe and the US, Styx and Tesla, the 2015 studio album, self producing with Ronan McHugh, the Down 'n' Outz and working with Taylor Swift.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview via the radio link below.

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KGON 92.3 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Got a new album in the works?

"We do indeed actually yeah. In fact I'm interrupting my recording sessions to do a bit of - a little bit of press here. But it's OK because I'm upstairs on the phone and Ronan our sound guy is downstairs in the studio doing a few other little bits and bobs. So you know it's all hands on deck at the moment. But it's starting to sound really good. We're cooking about 15 songs at the moment. And I'm really happy with the way it's going."

"Yeah. I think you'll like it you know. It's one of those records where there's a few things that. Yep, that sounds like Def Leppard. The same way you get a new AC/DC record you kind of know what it's gonna to sound like. But there are a lot of little bits on this record that are really interesting. Very rock but kind of unusual if you like for a band like us to have gone with. So a lot of the things that are just stuff that a band of our age and our vintage should be doing at our age. We're getting in you know doing - and it's very varied. But it's been a lot of fun to do and it's real interesting stuff on there."

Self Producing?

"Oh yes. Yeah we don't - having worked with Mutt Lange. Everywhere from there is down hill. And he taught us so much and Ronan who we do co produce with. He's such a fantastic sound guy that - I mean even Mutt, when he heard the re-records that we did. He said well why would you ever wanna work with anybody else other than Ro. You know because we've got specific ideas that we wanna do. And it's just hard work when you have to try and introduce a new guy in and get to know 'em and go through all that dance when we know we can just do it and get on with it and it works well."

Album Title?

"Well I'd have to kill you if I told you. I don't wanna do that. I've known you too long."