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Vivian Campbell Says New Album Is Best Since He Joined - Audio

Friday, 20th February 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed earlier today by 101 WRIF radio and spoke about the 2015 studio album.

Vivian talked about his health, the 2015 US Tour with Styx and Tesla, past tours, the tour setlist, the 2015 studio album, the Last In Line album and his time between leaving DIO and joining Lep.

Vivian says he got back to California yesterday. His health is fine and he thinks the new album is the best since he joined the band. He also had interesting things to say about the setlist.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview via the radio link below.

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101 WRIF - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

His Health

"I'm doing really good thank you. It's one hundred percent. Yes, I did a stem cell transplant last October. And by all indications it seems to have been a hundred percent successful. So yeah I'm feeling way too healthy. I've gotta hit the gym again."

Setlist/Set Length

"Well you know that's the thing. I mean the band's been together for years and years and years and we're very fortunate that we have a lot of hits. And because it is a package tour we're somewhat limited in the time we can play. You know it's gonna be an hour 30 or an hour 45 or something like that. So the majority of people coming to the show expect to hear the hits. So there's certain songs that we have to play you know. Having said that you know we do like to mix it up for the sake of those who wanna hear something more obscure. And to be honest for our own mental well being also you know. We wanna play something that's a little bit more refreshing to us. A little bit more recent. Or obscure as it happens. So you know we've talked about maybe doing Paper Sun, you know from the Euphoria record. Or something like that. Or Gods Of War again from Hysteria. Something that'll be a bit more indulgent for us you know. Maybe the long version of Rocket again where we draw it out and make it very theatrical and Phil and I do the extended guitar solo bits."

2015 Studio Album

"But we actually did just finish a new record. I just came in from Ireland last night. I've been there for the last month finishing up the new Def Leppard record. And I gotta say it's really, really, really good. I'm really pleased with how it's especially come together in he last month. But the problem is we sort of missed the boat to get it out in time for this tour. So I'm not sure when it'll be released. It will be released some time this year. But it might be kind of towards the tail end of the tour before it actually hits the stores. So there's not really much point in playing anything from that then you know."

"But it's good it's a great record. It's actually I think the best record I've made in the 23 years that I've been with the band. And the irony is I've actually had very little to do with it. So, I think they're probably better off without me!. But because of my cancer treatment I was only there at the start and I've been there for this last month at the end. And I missed all the middle bits. But that's OK. It's the end product that matters."